I felt outraged, because someone impersonating me(using my NAME and PHOTO) in some random website!
I dun know who the hell is so bo liao or someone who hated me SO much!
First of all, it is a Free Online Dating Website. 
Does this means that she/he trying to use my NAME and PHOTO to date others?
Whats his/her motive? 
To badmouth me? Ruin my reputation? Cheat money?

So dear friends, i do not have any account with this website (before today)
I did created an account to REPORT her!!!
Tried to message her, guess what
Her mailbox is FULL!!!
Sorry for the blur pictures! 
But can tell she replies often!!! 
OH dear, what she reply!
Dear friends, if u saw me in any website. Kindly inform me please ~
I only have 1 Facebook account, 2 email accounts, 1 Blogshop (GingerBelle), 1 msn account.
I do know that my photos appeared in HWZ and another 2 forums.
Argss… had reported but the administrator did not reply or take down the photos
Why these happen on me?
Can someone enlighten me?

A frenz of mine saw and informed me that a headless photo of mine 
was posted in hardwarezone forum.
Ya, headless as my head was cropped away.

Coz my face 见不得人吗?

This is one of the photo uploaded
The first reaction is WTF! This is not the first time!!!! 

The first thing i do is to….
create an account in hardwarezone and demand the one who posted 
my photo to delete the thread or removed all my photo.
And these photos are taken either from my facebook or my blogshop =X

Finally this thread was closed =)

However, i had read all the comments that those guys had left.
1. Big hips, small waist. This is not a trap. but maybe face buang
2. Must be a guy!
3.  later front view is a transformer/dog/spider man/
4. Meaty

Almost faint after i read these comments. 
Nearly want to reply to that thread to SCOLD those guys.
But if den, they will know who i am.
Hahaha, so never do that….

Anyway, this is not the first time that someone post my photo in hardwarezone. 
And i even found my photo is some other website and some random guy
wanted to feature me in some “weird” website. 

Of coz, i rejected =D

Told my close buddy regarrding this and they mentioned maybe treat 
take this as a positive compliement!

Ok, i will try.

Nite world~