Joey’s Hen Night Party

We gathered again as it’s Joey’s Hen Night Party (20th April 2013)
Woo Hoo ~
Joey requested to have a mani/pedicure session as her Hens Nite!
Of coz we grant her wish! But do you think we will let her go sooooo easy???
If your answer is yes, well you are WRONG!
I shall let the pictures do the talking!

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went DD’s place for dinner before we heading to St James~
me and Jingzi

too bad Siying refuse to join us to ST James =(

@ St James

me, Denyse, Chewling, Jingzi and Shu jia
(we are standing according to our age leh from oldest to youngest =( )

Jinhui, me, Jingzi and Shujia

Denyse and Chewling ~
dd look so pretty =)

John and DD

Chewling and her bf, Ben

Shujia and her bf,Kai