Friendship of 6 years

I met them when i was an intern in NCS EMS team. They are the first 2 good guys that i spoken to.. And slowly we become lunch kaki ~

Lots of weird names that we came out during our days, i was glad that I met them when i first start work. =)

I believed I am lucky enough that I didn’t encountered any bad experience during my 3 years in NCS (2007-20010). Other than overload (who doesn’t, seriously), the people there is helpful and nice.

Unlike some bitches who think they (yes more than 1) are the best/ they are the god. Who love to back stab / badmouth people !  (Not in my current office either)


Met up with Don Don , Nick and Bern for dinner @ Tanjong Pagar 100am

I didn’t know there is a mall – 100am! hahaha – suaku me!


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EMS Team Building Session 2007

from previous post (OCT)

EMS Family Part 1
formal pic?

EMS Family Part 2
Informal pic?
I really cant see much diff!
ABC game!!!☺
All of us is busy searching for items.
☺ My Group!!!

☺Team A
Tats my wallet, camera and hp 🙂
☺Team B

☺Team C
And they won!!!

Outdoor Activities
Me and Nick