“60 interesting things about Miss Seet”.

1. I hate wearing jeans
2. Love mini skirt, toga, tube dress
3. Most of my clothes are white, black and blue in color.
4. However, I just started to buy more pink colour dresses
5. Hate Cockroaches
6. My favorite subjects in primary and secondary school is Maths, Chinese and Account
7. Always thought that I will be an Accountant
8. Start to use computer when I was 18
9. Went to ITE Tampines and studied Information Technology
10. I am the only child at home
11. My shoes size is 37
12. I prefer squares watches
13. I love IVY LEE and Jeanette Aw
14. Coz I think they are gorgeous
15. I was born in Toa Payoh hospital
16. I cannot live without COFFEE
17. My last relationship lasted almost 7 years
18. I love guys wearing formal
19. My favorite cuisine is Jap
20. I cant take spicy food
21. But I love curry
22. My favourite number is six.
23. I think my mummy is beautiful
24. But she doesn’t think I am pretty
25. I dislike my droopy eyes in the past
26. But started to love them now
27. I spent 5 years in secondary school
28. Because I was from Normal Acad
29. My birthday is in November.
30. I am Scorpio baby
31. Strongly believe in horoscope
32. I dun apply lipstick
33. I never went for any cosmetic surgery before
34. I am only 161cm but i happy with that
35. I always think , I look FAT
36. But actually I am always underweight
37. I do not know how I survive in NTU for 3 years
38. My result in NTU is sucks.
39. I was from Computer Engineering
40. Most of my primary and secondary school classmate are married
41. And with 1-3 kids
42. I am the only few who are still single
43. I enjoying single life
44. I always hope that I have a elder brother
45. I love seafood
46. I cant drive
47. My mummy was born in Malaysia
48. Therefore, I have many relatives in Malaysia
49. I always think that my surname is very unique, as hardly can found in Singapore
50. My blood type is AB+
51. I have anemia
52. I always feel giddy
53. I use only IPhone
54. I staying in the East side
55. Was in the honour list when I graduated in Temasek Polytechnic
56. I love to take photos, travel and shopping
57. But Sleeping is still my fav pastime
58. I cannot survive with brown colour lens, concealer and sunblock
59. I always love big eyes and tall guys
60. I love these 3 perfume – Chanel Chance, DKNY delicious (green) and Clinque Happy


Happy New Year~


2009 hasn’t been fabulous year for me.
Lotsa ups and downs.
Perhaps things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Ending a 7 years relationship , maybe is a new chapter for life. Coz of this, i know that my mummy and my darling girlfriends (Jingzi, Peisi, Siying, Chewling and Shujia) will be always there for me when i need them. Thanks for all their advices.I managed to walk out of this. I am glad, I did it….
And i really enjoy my life now =)
I am able to go overseas, clubbing with my darling gfs. Meeting up with my polymates and unimates. Going KTV or dinner with all my “male” colleagues.

Life is so beautiful ~

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6th Sept 2009

My last update was a weeks ago, i guess i am just too busy/lazy to blog.

Work is so stress and i think i really need to learn how to manage stress and maintain good relation with colleauges. I really dun wish that colleague dislikes me or think i have attitude problem. Well, seriously i am just not in good mood and feeling too stressful when he talked to me. And he feels that i showing attitude and DISLIKE me. I was really upset when i heard this. really upset!!!!

Some of my colleague told me that I am very different when I was in office and outside. Well, I do agree with this. I just dun wan to show my 38ness and siaozabo ness in office.

Sometimes, i feel weird and strange when i got to know those guys are discuss about my dressing and etc. Or even discuss about my ex bf and photos that i posted. Even thou i did not told them anything about him. Yes, He is my ex, and we broke off many months ago. The funniest thing that, they even know how long we had been together.

Most of my friend and relative were very shocked that we had broke off after 7 yrs of relation. All of them tot that we are getting marry. well, i should not discuss here as he had already found a gf after we broke off 2 months and they are getting marry soon. Therefore, I wish them all the best =)

Anyway, I had brought myself many many things! Dresses, Levi Skinny Jean(i bio this very long le), skirts, shirts, SK II, Clinque foundation (this is a must), chocolate (i eat them when i feel damn stress or unhappy) and wallet. Hence, I am damn broke now. Really Broke.

Now my new wish list that i want is, a new watch and maybe a desktop. Someone asked me what type of watch that i like. Hmm i really dunnoe. But I like watch with Rectangular black face ,Steel Bracelet. Hmmm the face cannot too small else I cant see =(

I was invited to 3 wedding dinner next month! =) I love to attend wedding but will make me feel that i wan to get marry too!!!!lolx

The first wedding that I am goin to attend is my 舅舅 wedding, his wife is 3 yrs younger than me and i heard is quite sweet looking. Meaning I am going back to Malaysia. ya, I will be very sianz. No internet, no online shopping, no shopping, no SMSing (very ex) and no calling. =(

Another 2 is my colleague and ex-colleague wedding =) Now i am super headache on what to wear !!! lolx. And I am going to skip my lesson to attend my ex-colleague wedding. Hey, da jie if u are reading this, 感动吗? =p

Some photos that i took during these few weeks,
This is really nice =) Can I have this again? yummy~
Mr david and Steven
YK and me


Some retarted pictures of ME
I know i look damn fat =(