I was down for Dengue fever in Aug =(

And i had NEVER felt so awful before, the high fever makeme felt horrible, the headache was killing me and the worst part was…… i was not able to eat ANYTHING!

I vomited everything that went in to my stomach other than Milk and Soy bean drink.

Yes, i was under LIQUID diet and its HORRIBLE!

Do you know the feeling of HUNGRY yet can’t eat anything! (Please don’t ask me why i felt hungry even i was very sick!)

It happened on the 14th July 2014 (Thursday), i was at customer site and i felt so weak, cold and very giddy! I always giddy as i have Thalassemia Minor. So i thought it’s normal.

But i couldn’t walk and feeling very weak. So i went to my mum’s place to rest and consulted my family doctor. I was told to go CGH if my fever didn’t subsided on the next day! As he suspected was DENGUE FEVER! (Well, he was correct!)

The first 2 nights was TERRIBLE, the fever just went go off.. The lowest temperature was 39.1 and highest was 39.6 =(

My 万能妈咪(the best mum in the world) took care of me for the whole 1 week plus.

Went to hospital on the next day, and was confirmed that i had DENGUE FEVER!

Was on drip for few days and they keep drawing my blood =(

And yes, this is how i looked during that period. Why i was on wheelchair?? COZ I did not have any strength to walk at all and feeling cold most of the time =(

Received get well soon hamper from office =)

I only able to eat on 22nd Aug and i only dropped 1kg

I know i looked terrible with a that sharp chin and skinny face! I didn’t even dare to upload this photo to my Facebook !

Thanks for all who had message me in whatsapp/sms/facebook messages or comments. Thanks all, i was too weak to reply all of your comments and wishes. As for now, i am feeling much better and my fever subsided but still having bodyaches. i guess it will be gone in another week times =)