Farewell ~

 Had resigned and my last day was last week and the nostalgic feeling is starting to kick in..
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there is so much to update!!!

I mentioned that i took up IT Security Specialist Diploma at NYP with my colleauges.
Well, is on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work.
However, I’ll try not to skip lesson =p

Also booked my driving lesson at SSDC. Ya, finally i want to take up drving.
(以前我一直依赖他, 但是他已经离我而去. ) which means i need to be independent. =)
My goal, is to own a car myself (hopefully my parent willing to sponsor me =p)

Well, the first 2 lessons is SHIOK and DAMN FUN!!! i never know that driving is tat fun.
Hopefully i will get my license soon =p
Anybody has any tips on driving???

Work is still the same, bz bz and bz…
But I’m super motivated coz of *****. =)
shiok ah!!!

AND I had been shopping shopping and more shopping.

Here is my ~wish list~
1. Levi ultra skinny jean (dark colour) – $139
2. Trim and colour my hair
3. Cotton On flats (for work)
4. More dresses and nice tops
5. More shirt and pants for work
6. Get something for my dearest
7. Get myself a desktop
8. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (真的那么神奇吗?)
9. Watch

Any kind soul wants to fulfill my wish? =p

Some photo~

DD’s farewell @ Changi Airport (20th July 2009, Monday)


Went fareast for shopping and manicure/pedicure =)

This is my first time doing pedicure =p


@ lunar with colleague on one of the friday night. =)

Image 0004Image 0003
Image 0002
Image 0001zm_damn _high

Or ya, i brought myself levi ultra skinny size 25 (i find the cutting a bit big leh)


Lastly, YunYun and ZhongMing’s Farewell lunch =(
Lunch @ Jack’s Place



No more Edo =(
My dearest RO had transfered to another team….
He is a super nice and funny guy and is my pleasure to work with him in sooooo many projects.
From him, i learnt more than technical skill and in others tooo…. He also share his personal experience with me.
Why those ppl that i quite close with, all are leaving me….
Don, Ivia, Ben and now is Edo =(
I wonder who is my new RO =\
We brought him a pen (from jason, norman,chinsin,jinqiang,karluen and me)….
and a huge card =)
Also, i got him a little small gift =)
WIsh him all the best in his new job =)
Here are some photos…..


Don’s Farewell

Friday, 29th February 2008
~ Don’s Farewell Dinner~ღ @ Jack’s place ღ
ღ @ my cubi ღ
Don look so retarded in this pic :p
This looks slightly better

@ my boss cubi (she is not ard :P) ღღ @ her own cubi Jos ღ
Don and ZhixiongღDon and TLღ the 1st,2nd and 3rd generation of ITSS projectღDon, TL and Kaylen(new gal)

ღIvia and Don
Don and Edwinღ
ღDon with all the Team Lead – Azmi and Jos i like this pic 🙂 ღ me and Kaylen(New gal in our team)
Omg, she is sooooo young. *faint

NCS – making IT happen 🙂

Yesterday was her last day in NCS.
I am glad that i know her ~
Enjoy gossip, working, chatting and lunch-ing with her!!!
Don, all the best to your future endeavors.

Muz keep in touch and meet for LUNCH!!!


Wednesday, 30th January 2008
~ Farewell Dinner@ MOF~ 

Jos (from management team), PS and ZhiXiong(BMC god)

Xian Long and JinQiang
Don (why u look so happy uh?) yummy ice-cream
Jos, PS, ZX, XL and JQ QR, Ivia, me, Don and Edwin
Went to Kbox after dinner
他们的歌声- 赞
Group photo without Don, Jos and JinQiang
Group photo without Don and JinQiang
Group photo without Don
Finally!!! All in
me and PS Don and XL QR and PS

让我介绍我公司的歌神, Jacky ONG

他的 mini concert 开始了
still got pose one hor


他特别点了张学友的 “祝福” 给PS
Really enjoy myself that nite!
i think that “Jacky Ong” is a entertainer.
He make us laugh like siao ding dong!!!


Wish all the best to PS in his new job. Muz stay in contact!!!


Wednesday, 7th November 2007
~ Nic farewell dinner~

Makan time

Everybody is busy eating

* Photo-taking session *
☼ Our 男主角 Nic, Thomas, XianLong and Poh Shien
Can tell all is the same pattern? Skinny and wearing spec!!! lolx
☼ TL, Zhi Xiong and Nic Nic, me and Don
same ppl again
* Went to TCC @ bugis after our dinner *
☼ Me and Nic
look at Nic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My working partner is going to leave me 😦 ☼ Thomas
☼ Thomas and Thuan leong ☼ PS, Sara and Joshua
☼ Joshua, XL and ZX ☼ Nic and Don
☼ ZX, me, Nic and Don
All look very happy hor~
~ Oh ya, had a official farewell lunch @ Fish & Co ~
Our NCS EMS Team
can find me?

Nic, all the best 🙂
hope u can see ur Felicia Chin everyday!!!