Gown/Cert/Invitation Card Collection day @ NTU

Left office at around 2pm on Monday =p

Reached NTU for collection of my invitation card (NTU Convocation 2008) I waited for this convocation since last year Sept….

So happy to see all my classmate again after we graduate which is an excellent time of catching up =)

Also, I order my stage photo ($12) and NTU bear which cost me $60. Ya, i know is damn expensive!!!

Really miss NTU. There are quite a few changes such

BUS 179A – I only know Bus 179….

New Canteen A with subway – The old and dark canteen A is closed. Table and chairs are still there, but more for student to study there.

ATM Shift place – I couldn’t find it…. As i need to withdraw money for my bear

Other than these, all still look the same…

I do miss NTU a lot, but i really cant say that i enjoy my 3 years in NTU.

Seriously, the life there isn’t that good or enjoyable.

First, Imagine took 1.5 hour ride from Tampines to NTU everyday.
Next, the Curriculum is soooo…….. Is damn hard to study there… Coz you need to fight with those foreign scholars, JC ppl and also those Top students from Polytechnic.

(For your info, I am not top student in Poly = p)

Also, is quite difficult to find close frenz in NTU. HaHa… but i am glad that i found a few nice frenz there…..

Took quite a number of pic in NTU….

After our gown collection, we went to Ichiban sushi @ Jurong Point for our dinner. We never took picture during dinner coz we are tooooo HUNGRY!!! lolx~