Went to Bugis Junction last last last sat afternoon purely for SMURFS!


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Updates: March + April

Took a very short break before i start my new job!

Yes, i left my previous company and join a Japanese company =D

However, i do miss my ex-colleagues! Lunching without them isn’t fun anymore =(

if you have notices from my previous photoshoot, yes i lose weight!(from 44kg to 41kg)

I should be happy ya, BUT the only place that slim down is my face! which i DISLIKE !!!!

Simply hate it!

Well, skinny face look older ok!

But now i gaining back 1 kg, but my target is 39kg!

Yes i know i am contradicting!!!

I want a skinny body with rounder face!

Ya, i should exercise,  do remember i have broken elbow (unable to carry heavy things), fracture legs, thalassemia minor (which i dun know when i will faint! lol) and i think i have rib infection ( not confirmed but my family doctor suspect it)

Tell me how to exercise leh! I can do fast walk, carry light weight and climb up the stairs!

Oh ya, my BFF finally uploaded her AD photo

I will just share it here ~

Me and Beautiful Bride!

The tree is sooooo nice!

“Bullying” the groom part 1?
Groom and Fabulous 5!
Brides and the brothers
Group Photo
I love this photo of her~
Tian tian mi mi


Dinner @ Rokeby Bistro for Sy’s belated Birthday Celebration

Mummy’s Birthday Celebration

Initially wanted to go out for a nice dinner, however my dad refused to go out! So, we tabao our fave 煮炒 !!!

Location: Blk 164 Tampines coffee shop!

Fruit Cake

Well, my mum didn’t want a cake for her birthday! Coz the cake will be eaten up my dad only! (he cant take too much sweet stuff)

So, i get her mini cake!

Birthday Girl

My mum is proud of her new kitchen! So we will only take photo in kitchen!

Heres the food!

Claypot tofu
Pork RIbs
MY FAVE!!!!!!!!

After eating these, i put on 1kg back!!!


Btw Gingerbelle had launched 2 collections

Do support !

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End this post with our random photo !

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Updates: January ! (Siying’s Wedding, Chewling’s secret proposal, GingerBelle Collection)

Updates: January ! (Siying’s Wedding, Chewling’s secret proposal, GingerBelle Collection)

Siying & Jeral’s Big Day!

Our beautiful Bride 

1While waiting for Groom and brothers to arrive.


The first game that we played was YOGA pose.
This was played at the carpark, and i saw quite a few pairs of eyes from upstair watching them trying to do the yoga pose.


Each of them pick one of the pose and need to stay at the pose for 30 seconds(or 1 minutes). If any one failed, they need to do push up. The groom was excuse for the forfeit as he had his arm dis allocated before. (We are sooooo nice hor!)


After this, we proceed to have Q&A game outside bride’s house. The bride had chosen 3 questions to ask the groom. If he got it incorrect, they need to eat the food (breakfast) that is specially prepared for them.

First Dish – Sour ~ Apple cider (heard its quite nice lo)
Second Dish – Sweet ~ Ribena
Third Dish – Bitter ~ Herbal Tea
Fourth Dish – Spicy ~ Wasabi

Seriously, its quite mild hor! =p

Now, they can enter the house by …

Limbo Rock in !

The third game is guess it! The Groom need to guess which 3 items belong to Bride.Each of us (Jie-mei) bring 3 personal items and put them in a box.

Last but not least, 10 promises. Groom need to read it out outside the bride’s room. =)


Went to Upper Seletar for photo-taking


Sisters, while waiting ~


Brothers, while waiting


On our way to Groom’s place


@ Groom’s Place

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Back to Siying’s place


2 3 4 5 6Dinner @ Jurong Country Club

Dun u think she looks damn good in her lilac Evening gown???


My poly and Uni mates

8 9

Took this photo from Chewy’s camera

Blur is beautiful!


After the wedding, xl picked us to Sentosa for Chewling’s secret proposal

We told Chewling that we are going to a bar at sentosa for her and DD’s birthday which is located at W hotel.

We spilted in 2 groups. Joey, DD and the guys went off first. And jia, grace and me will “bring” chewling tot the location.

Ben book a suite there and proposed to her on her 29th Birthday =) *So Sweet!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

i heard that her wedding date will be 1st Jan 2014..


GingerBelle Launched our CNY collections

Love all the dresses in this collection. Most of it left only 1-2 pcs =D


Am still thinking whether to keep the pink or red one


Keeping the black ones. But this cutting is quite small. So if you are UK 8, u need to take size M. Uk 6(big), M will be safer too =X


Love this very much and one of the most sellable dress in this collection.

Keeping Pink in Size Small



We also had a outdoor shoot at airport, wanna to try a different feel. However, i still prefer to take it at studio as has less stares from others

My Fave!

1a 1b 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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