Ariel’s Full Moon Celebration
2005 Sentosa Trip
Will you consider her as friend?
2007 Sentosa Trip with my pretty gfs!
Poly Class Gathering 2007
Halloween party at zouk
Shujia’s 23rd Birthday
Miss Seet’s 26th Birthday with the gang
Miss Seet’s 26th Birthday with pretty gfs
EMS Team Building Session 2007

Don’s Farewell
N105 Poly Class Gathering 2008
Family studio portrait
Jingzi’s 24th Birthday
My Convocation
NCS D & D @ Expo 2008
Huishi’s 27th Birthday with the gang
EMS Team Building Session 2008
Shawn’s Wedding
Thomas’s WeddingXmas Exchange 2008
Hong Kong Trip

Siying’s 25th Birthday
Vday with my darling gfs
St James
Edo’s Farewell =(
Prawning @ Bishan
Kelly’s Farewell
Norman’s wedding @ CSC
Bintan Trip – Day 1
Bintan Trip – Day 2
Bintan Trip – Day 3
Dinner with our princess DD @ Spizza for friend
DD’s drink drank drunk nite @ somerset
Sabai Sabai
Specially for DD
2009 July updates
Kerry’s 29th Birthday
Uncle’s Wedding – Day 1
Uncle’s Wedding – Day 2
The Proposal
Xmas Exchange 2009





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