.. I was nearly go into depression in my last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Initially, we wanted to deliver at Mount A and Dr Woo is our Gynae. My experience with him is so-so.. And his assistant seems very busy. I had to call up Thomson Hospital to make my Oscar appointment myself.

Its all happened on gestational week 27, i felt that my baby moved lesser than usual. So i decided to go for chk up at my private gynae. He found out that baby is very small. She is only 630 grams in week 27. Hence, i was told to go KKH immediately and he mentioned he will refund me as i signed up package with him on week 9
(This means he refused to be my gynae anymore and he took 20 weeks to refund back my money!!!)

We rushed down to kkh that night and i was told i need to be warded as the baby is small and amniotic fluid level is very Low!
I was warded in delivery suite and had ctg monitoring (checking baby’s heart beat) throughout the night. At around 230am, we were waken up by a group of young doctors (who look like just graduated from uni). She mentioned that i need to deliver my baby NOW as her heart beat drop a little.
But She was only 27 weeks old and 630 grams! Xl was very calmed and said to monitor awhile more. And i was told the survival rate of the baby is 50% !  晴天霹雳!
After we mentioned to monitor awhile more, the doc make us to sign a form (that is our decision and kkh will not responsible if anything happen).
I am so glad that we didnt take the young doctors advise! Everything back to normal after a few minutes…

After that day, i was told bed rest till the day i deliver. This means that i need to stay in kkh till i deliver! Again i refused and i was told to sign the form again (tat kkh will nt responsible if any shit happen) before i was allow to discharge.

From week 27 onwards, i need to go KKH every alternate day for check up. A senior high risk doctor was assigned to handle my case. At least she looks experienced!

After days of bed rest, my amniotic fluid level increase to normal. And the only thing to be concern is baby’s weight.

I blamed myself that i causing all these.. i asked doctor whether is it because i didnt eat enough? But she ensured me that nothing to do.with my diet. Its the flow from the cord to baby is slow.
So the only thing i can do is rest!

Therefore, xl and my mum dun allow me to go anywhere other than kkh. Even meet up with friends, will be either their house or my house!

But xl brought me to nice dinner after my check up. As he knows i was feeling down and depressed.

I had a lot of 第一次 in this pregnancy… first time warded in hospital, first time had blood transfusion before deliver (3 pkts), first time had IV drips, first time quarrel with doctor… first time so scare… i had never been so scare before!

Quite afew ask me to have second baby soon… No way! I dun wan to go through this again. The last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, 我是活在天天心惊胆战!

However, i am.glad that i have a very supportive husband and caring mum. Also very understanding boss and company. I also lucky to have 3 listeners and always check on me…my cousin, Hazel and Siying =)
Without them, i guess i will go depression!

On 2nd April (37weeks) i had an emergency csection and this mark the end of my pregnancy.

I am blessed that everything turns out fine =)

My little precious, Baby Janelle.

Our First photo, she was 4 days old.

Our first family photo

I had BAD experiences with the doctors in KKH. Not all but a few! Especially Dr Dxxxxx Kxx!

Even so, not all the doctors are BAD. I can say i am lucky enough that i was assigned a good and experience high risk doctor to handle my case. And she is the only doctor i trust !

After reading many bad experiences and complaints about the nurses in KKH, well ~

i can say is ~ the nurses from delivery suite and ward are very good ! *thumb up*