I have been very busy and not updating this little space for months. As most of my friends know that I am pregnant now =)

And currently on bed rest till I deliver, this may sound very SHIOK to many of you. But seriously, I prefer to work rather than bed rest!

As for now, Baby and I are okay. Other than she is quite small size! Well, And XL isn’t big size too! Will share more about my pregnancy in next post  =)

As for now, my routine is Eat > Rest > Sleep > Go for regular check up (3 times per week). And after this incident, I know who are really care about me! My parent and XL are always there for me! Taking good care of me!

My cousin-in-law and a poly mate (who are not close to me when we were in poly, yet now she stay very near me)  the care and concern from them, it touched me!

And a group of BFFs, you know who you are…

If you wonder how fat/Huge i look like now?

Here’s are some pictures that i took recently during VDAY and CNY (i was 7th and 8th month pregnant)

And gained a total of 5.5 kg in wk 33 (8th Month pregnant)

vday 1
vday 2
vday 3
vday 4

 I am going to see my baby in 5 weeks times ! So excited and hopefully she will have XL’s big eyes, good and fair skin, thick hair, skinny/tall, health (XL’s seldom sick, unlike me!). Also take from XL’s the love for science and technology!

From me, my nose, photogenicness, my love for maths and fashion sense? Haha!

And hope you have better 长辈缘 than your mummy and daddy! No doubt your grandmum and grand dad (my parent) and mummy/daddy will loves you ALOT !

Most of all I hope you are healthy, and happy !!!


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