IOMA Blogger Event

I was invited to IOMA Blogger Event  – a French Luxury Skincare Brand held at ISETAN Scotts last month.

And i got to review their – Ioma Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++ sunblock

So, Why is sunBlock important in our daily life? Do we need to use it everyday?

The answer is YES!

I am always tell my family and friends around me the benefits of wearing sunscreen. Esp in our Singapore weather!

First, It plays an important role to REDUCE the harmful effect of the sun, also slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin and lastly, it prevent dark spots!

Therefore, do apply sunscreen before heading out =)
I was introduced to Ioma Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++ sunblock in this event, it offers high protection against UVA/UVB rays and SPF.
And capable of counteracting the aggression caused by exposure to sun and environmental stress.
In this event, i got a chance to do a skin analysis using Ioma Sphere which is a most sophisticated skin diagnosis device.
It is based on patented and specific techniques of light filtering, and provides you with an instant photograph of you skin using 5 different lights that reveal your skin imperfections.


(1) Natural Look (Visible Light)

(2) Tone & Texture (Parallel Polarized Light)

(3) Redness (Cross Polarized Light)

(4) UV Damage (UV Light)

(5) Pore Condition (Blue Light)

First of all, let me take a photo with this awesome device

After the diagnosis, their friendly staff will explain your diagnosis result with a scale of 1 to 15.
With 1 is the best and 15 for caution. And the “passing grade” is 7
As for my result:
I gotten an Distinction (scale: 1) for:
♥ Sagging
♥ Redness
♥ UV Damage
♥ Dark Circles
( i guess its my concealer that hide my dark circle well)
Scale: 2-4
♥  Wrinkles
♥ Eye Fine Lines
♥ Fine Lines
Scale 5-7
♥ Eye bagsAnd there are 3 main concerns are:

Hydration (9) – My skin type is Oily Combination and yet dehydrated! Its time to get more hydration products!
Clogged Pores (11) – I am not surprise that i have clogged pores.
But the most surprise me was
Bacterial Activity (15) 
With this detail diagnosis, they will able to create my bespoke yourth ritual base on the serum that your skin need!
( I am thinking to get myself a bottle of this)
In this event, i got to know a few very young and pretty blogger!

XL said that i looked like her mother! whahaha do i look sooo old?

Review: Cell Protector SPF 50+ PA+++




Texture: It’s a bit sticky but i feel that it is very moisturizing for my skin (which i like). It takes a few minutes to be absorbed into my skin.

SPF/UV coverage: I love its high SPF and UV protection.

I had been using this awesome product for more than a month, i notices that my skin texture seem more radiant, my pore size seem smaller.

And i also love their “twist and turn on” cap, this is to avoid sunblock from oxidised

My rating: 5/5
Price: $85
Now you can head down to retail counters:
TANGS Vivo City
ISETAN Jurong East
BHG Bugis