Happy Valentines Day to all

Happy Valentines Day to all ♥
Saw this from my bro’s facebook and find it hilarious!


I requested xl tat I do not wish to have any fresh flower this year. Instead I want “bears” =)

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Re-blog My Fabulous Taiwan Trip with Xl 2010

I have no idea why my 2010 Summer Taiwan trip entry is gone! Hence, i am going to re-blog this awesome trip again.

This trip was filled with eating and eating, thats explain why i look so round in the photos! This was a totally enjoyable trip and we both enjoyed ourselves.We took a grand total of 1000 pictures and do expect tons of photo in this entry.

We went there during SUMMER as i scare of cold as i had quite a bad experience during my first and only trip to Taiwan during 2009 Jan. Even tot I wore 4 layers, i still freezing ! So this time round we went in summer and i can buy summer clothes back!

Up to date, i had went to Taiwan 4 times! Jan 2009 (winter) for biz trip, July 2010 (summer), March 2012 (Spring) and Oct 2013 (Autumn) Well, i am planning to go again this year with my parent =)

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