Our Winter Solstice Festival 冬至

22nd December 2013, Sunday

Winter Solstice Festival 冬至

I love to eat Tangyuan (湯圓) / balls of glutinuous rice

And did you know that actually there is a Chinese saying that 冬至大过年!

So Saturday i went to my Fil house and Sunday to my mum place!

 Me and my mini pink tang yuan!

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Merry Merry Merry Xmas with BFFs

Another season to get fat and we have valid reason to eat non-stop!

We suppose to meet up with Kerry and Marilyn on 15th Dec for our little xmas exchange but we cancelled it! As our little Carabel can’t wear to say hello to us!

Therefore, i met up with Marilyn to pass her Xmas present ~

20th December 2013, Friday

You might be wonder who is she… as she was not our secondary school classmate! Well, we get to know her thru Kerry as she is her ex colleague and also her BFFs.

I believed i am not good in making new friend. It took me around 3 yrs den slowly to know her well. Seriously i “choose” my friend wisely! =p

After many events and drama ~ i slowly “accept” her as a good friend of mine =)

I didn’t know what she like, so i got her something that i like or i would use! Which is a TheFaceShop Raspberry Sleeping mask set =) And i heard that she loves manicure and nail polish ~ So i gotta her 2 set of Etude house nail set. Gotta her Red and Pink set… (no idea she like bold or sweet, so i got her both)

 A unique and pretty wine glass! And this glass is produced individually which mean only I have this design!

After that i went to meet Kerry and Carabel to pass her present!

My mummy bought this for Carabel, she mentioned that 我看着Kerry 长大! So she bought this for Carabel =) She also bought for Ariel and Belle when they were born =)

Here are my present for the day

I understand from Kerry that she bought 4 identical bracelets for 4 of us to celebrate our Friendship! So thoughtful of her!

(this photo i took from Kerry)

I love it! But seriously, its too big for my skinny wrist (less than 5 inches)!

I tried to alter myself but failed =( so i gotta myself a bracelets and placing the “charms” (in Pandora terms) to the new bracelet! Hope Kerry wont mind. Else there is no way i can wear it =(

Guess what i can wear it on my ankle

So cheer to our friendship~

Kerry, Peisi, Marilyn and ME

♥♥♥ I hope all of us will cherish this friendship ♥♥♥



Za Spring/Summer Launch Party – Rouge Affair/Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

I feel so honor that I was invited to ZA Rouge Affair and it was held at Shiseido Beauty Studio on 4th Dec 2013, 7pm.

A Survey was done and show that all ages wear lip colour before they heading out. And most of us would seeking for moisturising as the most important factor. Due to the influence by the K pop, most of us also seeking for pigmented lip colours!

Sexy Hot Pink, Bold Red lipsticks and bright shades and yet moisturising, sheer, creamy textures are what we are looking for! AND….

Za is launching RICH-GLAM Liquid ROUGE,

Its a cross between lip gloss and lipstick that not only provides rich colours but its ultra moisturizing formulation keeps your chapped lips at bay!

“Colour Up & Shine Bright!”
Let us take you backstage where the magic of beautifying oneself takes place! Rouge Affair is a celebration of the colour Pink’s versatility and how it can take you from sweet, to natural or elegant.

The new Za Rouge Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in 8 gorgeous colours, $18.90 each

We are giving a Blogger Back-stage pass that is personalize for us =)

Get to know Fenny at the event =)

With this pass, we are told to go through 4 booths to play games and beauty booths !  We enjoyed ourselves! =)

The first booth that Fenny and i went – Make it Match,

We need to match all the pairs within 1 minute =)

The fun fact: Seriously I guess not all guys love Big lips ! But i do agree that ladies prefect guys with medium-size lip =)

The second game – Toss & Win!

 We need to throw rosebuds into glasses…. The more the better……

Fun Facts: I didn’t know that kissing for 1 minute burn 26 calories!

Game 3: Revealed with a kiss!

By looking at the shape of your lips, to tell your lip personality

Rebellious and Flirtatious??? –> You sure or not!

Naturally attractive, people are drawn to you by your effortless charm –> I laugh out LOUD when i read this

There are a total of 8 new shades with Asian-flattering pink undertones that suit all of us!

ZA_8 shades


There are 3 different categories, Sweet, Natural or Elegant and

ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK331 & RS371 is definitely for Girl-Next-Door. Innocent yet subtly flirtatious!  Channel this feminine style with sheer lip colour and dainty kicks

If you love nature/simple style or natural nude colour,  ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK341, PK251 & RD301 will be your choice! It give fuss-free a stylish spin with pink-based lip shades and feet candy. Its perfect for weekend or dress down days.

For strong yet femininie confidence ladies, ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in RD391, RD411 & RD481 will be your first choice.

My fave among the 8 colours will be PK 251 and RD 391

PK 251 – MY FAVE for everyday use! Love this sweet and yet natural colour

RD 391 – This give me a Elegant look! This make me look gorgeous with this colour~ Will use this on Gingerbelle Photoshoot, Events, Clubbing and wedding dinner.

My lips are VERY dry, that why i hate to use and lipstick as it will make my lips WORST! And finally i found something that gave me bright colour yet very moisturising.

I LOVE ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge as it does’t make my lips dry. In fact, it give me a glossy colour effect and it is very moisturising yet not feeling sticky on my lips. Did i mentioned that it lasting up to 8 hours???

So what is the technology secret :



I will give it a rating of 4/5. And i would definitely recommend ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge to my BFFs and Friends!

The gifts for us =)

Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge comes in 8 shades and costs S$18.90 each. Available from 30 Jan 2014 onwards. 

Thanks ZA Cosmetics for the invited and looking forward for more event from ZA