The last day in MUNICH


Our last day in Germany and we love you Germany! =)

It was a very chilly morning in Germany that day and even if we were under the sun, it was still COLD!

It never been feeling so good to be under the sun !

We taking ICE to Frankfurt Airport

211 212

There are Tulips and flowers everywhere!!!

213 214 215Our luggages for check-in (2 Bigs, and1 small) and 2 bags for handcarry


@ Train Station


@ Airport

219 220

While waiting for our counter to be open so that we can “chiong” in to do the tax refund!

221 222 223

Where is our flight???

224 225 226 227

Our “last” meal in Frankfurt …MACDONALD! I am too hungry for the flight meal =(

228After 13 hours, we finally reached Singapore! Didnt sleep well on flight =(

I felt quite happy to reached singapore as i will miss my home and MUMMY. But my dear xl was emo as his holiday NO MORE! hahaha

After this trip, my opinion of Europe had changed !

My favourite country among them will be Germany! The people there are quite friendly, and at least the queue for their train/subway. Unlike XXXXXX people (they are soooo rude!!!). And i felt that Germany is safer as compared to another 2 countries i went. The food is awesome! Loves the sausages that i eat that everyday! Other than that, there is MEAT! You can easily find fish/meat everywhere. The another 2 countries you can find BREAD, PIZZA and PASTA only =( As you know i cant take too much carbo =(

The food and drinks in Germany is CHEAPER! A bottle of coke cost us ard 1.50-2 Euro. But it costed us 4Euro in Italy and France (Maybe we looked like carrot there)

I hope i still have chance to go Europe again. My next destination will be Switzerland, England and Germany =)



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