Updates: Biwen’s 21st +10 Birthday

Updates: Biwen’s 21st +10 Birthday 


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Updates: January ! (Siying’s Wedding, Chewling’s secret proposal, GingerBelle Collection)

Updates: January ! (Siying’s Wedding, Chewling’s secret proposal, GingerBelle Collection)

Siying & Jeral’s Big Day!

Our beautiful Bride 

1While waiting for Groom and brothers to arrive.


The first game that we played was YOGA pose.
This was played at the carpark, and i saw quite a few pairs of eyes from upstair watching them trying to do the yoga pose.


Each of them pick one of the pose and need to stay at the pose for 30 seconds(or 1 minutes). If any one failed, they need to do push up. The groom was excuse for the forfeit as he had his arm dis allocated before. (We are sooooo nice hor!)


After this, we proceed to have Q&A game outside bride’s house. The bride had chosen 3 questions to ask the groom. If he got it incorrect, they need to eat the food (breakfast) that is specially prepared for them.

First Dish – Sour ~ Apple cider (heard its quite nice lo)
Second Dish – Sweet ~ Ribena
Third Dish – Bitter ~ Herbal Tea
Fourth Dish – Spicy ~ Wasabi

Seriously, its quite mild hor! =p

Now, they can enter the house by …

Limbo Rock in !

The third game is guess it! The Groom need to guess which 3 items belong to Bride.Each of us (Jie-mei) bring 3 personal items and put them in a box.

Last but not least, 10 promises. Groom need to read it out outside the bride’s room. =)


Went to Upper Seletar for photo-taking


Sisters, while waiting ~


Brothers, while waiting


On our way to Groom’s place


@ Groom’s Place

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Back to Siying’s place


2 3 4 5 6Dinner @ Jurong Country Club

Dun u think she looks damn good in her lilac Evening gown???


My poly and Uni mates

8 9

Took this photo from Chewy’s camera

Blur is beautiful!


After the wedding, xl picked us to Sentosa for Chewling’s secret proposal

We told Chewling that we are going to a bar at sentosa for her and DD’s birthday which is located at W hotel.

We spilted in 2 groups. Joey, DD and the guys went off first. And jia, grace and me will “bring” chewling tot the location.

Ben book a suite there and proposed to her on her 29th Birthday =) *So Sweet!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

i heard that her wedding date will be 1st Jan 2014..


GingerBelle Launched our CNY collections

Love all the dresses in this collection. Most of it left only 1-2 pcs =D


Am still thinking whether to keep the pink or red one


Keeping the black ones. But this cutting is quite small. So if you are UK 8, u need to take size M. Uk 6(big), M will be safer too =X


Love this very much and one of the most sellable dress in this collection.

Keeping Pink in Size Small



We also had a outdoor shoot at airport, wanna to try a different feel. However, i still prefer to take it at studio as has less stares from others

My Fave!

1a 1b 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Shop Now at http://www.gingerbelle.com.sg =)


I believed you guys had an awesome countdown for Xmas and New year!

As for me, I had my countdown at home with XL. Usually we went for feast for celebration of Xmas or New year. But we decided to have something different for this year (2012). We cook together in our awesome kitchen ( i think my kitchen look CHIO!) Seriously,i feel that it is quite romantic! =)

Here are the dishes that we made =)
Healthy + Low Calories! But this may look very boring for some ppl.


Year 2012 had been the most awesome year in my life. A year that i start a new chapter of my life and also a year that i spent sooooo much money on! And also a year that i need to pay property tax!!!! =(

Had around 2-3 business trip to BKK.
CNY Celebration! Informed my relatives about my wedding dates!

As for my wedding prepration, by then i confirmed my Wedding Banquet, Bridal Shop and Pre-wedding Photoshoot Bridal shop.

More about the review that i did for wedding preparation!

Meeting up with my BFF for Ariel Birthday celebration.

4 Babes!

4 Babes!

Yu Sheng!

Yu Sheng!

Birthday Girl doesnt look happy leh

Birthday Girl doesnt look happy leh

Poly Mates Gathering

408827_10150690156391798_1244909274_n 421368_10150690156851798_2139668791_n 421808_10150690157201798_86576992_n

Secondary School Gathering


My third time to taiwan!!! First time was at 2009 for business trip, and second time was at 2010 for HOLIDAY! And now we are back for our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with BlueBay Bridal! Their services are awesome! Had a great experience with them! =)

535118_10150803301711798_928559290_n 545651_10150803302236798_1477949869_n 546625_10150803299256798_384880199_n 559466_10150803296266798_67028491_n 562668_10150803297856798_431245563_n 578859_10150803302611798_44602084_n

Still at Taiwan for the first week of April… I was there for 2 weeks!!!!! Tour around taiwan! Was fun but tiring…

154698_10150798436721798_1934811793_n 534540_10150798439751798_2126504155_n


Spent quite a bit at Taiwan! 2 most impt ppl of mine celebrating their birthday in this MONTH!!! So it is another month of celebration month !

Went to BKK with my gfs celebrating our 10th years of Friendship. We planned to go BKK on Dec’11/Jan’12 but had postponed till May due to the flooding!!!
And we had a Hens nite for DD at BKK!
Another drink drank drunk nite! Its fun and enjoyable =)


Collected our KEYS for our new house!

And next is Hunting for Interior Design/Contractor for our new house and also for my mum’s place!
We went for 14 IDs/contractors! Comparing their price/review and workmanship!
The following are the IDs/contractor that we met:
Multiview/BlackJack/Rest n Relaz/Designer Guys/Dennis Design/Ideal House/Submmit Design/Darwin Interior/Add Space/The Rulers/MyDesign/Renvo work/ID note.

After much consideration, we left with 3 IDs/Contractors ID Note, Submmit Design and Ideal House.

We choosen Submmit Design (Ben) ~ we strongly believe that we make a good decision! =)
Even my mum and dad are very happy with his services =)

Celebrating my BFF, Peisi’s 31st Birthday! We went to USS for celebration (yes, this is my 2nd time there)

182565_10151000527841798_956355343_n 480205_10151000656631798_317127164_n

Lastly, my pretty gf DD’s BIG DAY!

1 559292_10151061176336798_262796213_n

Confirm the design of our house with our ID and start our renovation!
We choosing white and black theme as i dun really fancy those brown or zen theme. =p
So everything is Black and white in my new house!

Renovation of my mum’s place. We had the same design =p

Source for furniture and lighting for our new house and mum’s place.

Had my Hens nite with my darling gfs at MBS. Had a crazy yet wonderful night with them!

304573_10151202201891798_1536401920_n 526177_10151202196976798_608682369_n

Part 2


Celebrate my BFF, Kerry birthday!



Just 1 month before our big day. Had final fitting and my trial makeup with DiGio. One of the reason i choose Digio as i heard that this mua is one of the best here. After the trial, i was quite disappointed maybe cuz i have high expectation. =(
And requested to change my MUA. I understand that he is not happy that i changed him. But i just want the best for my big day. He is quite good, as i see his portfolio and that is the reason why i choosen him in the first place. Not his fault or he is not good. Well, i think the makeup he did for me doesnt suit me well =(
Called my coordinator, and she mentioned all the MUAs are fully booked. If i outsource, it is going to cost me 800-1k extra! The worst sceanario is to makeup myself!
Well, I think i am lucky! my coordinator called me 2 days later and said that she managed to find me a good MUA! So i go for another round of trial which i do not pin too much hope! Guess what, i am very happy with his skill and attitude!


Preparation for our wedding!
Wedding song – done!
Av testing at Hilton Hotel – done!
Childhood Montage – done!
Allocation of job/Briefing of my Sisters/Brothers – done!
Emcees Script – done!
Bridesmaid dresses – done!
Discuss with my PG about what i want on Actual day – done!
Confirmation of guest list – done!
GDL – done!
An Chuan – done!
Wedding cards – done!

Other than my Big Day, its is also my birthday and Netrust Xmas Party =)

Also, my gf Jia promoted to be MUMMY!

Xmas celebration and Ying’s Hens Nite!

Hope 2013 will be a better year for me!
I wish to have

Good health – The giddiness (cuz of my Thalassemia Minor) is really killing me! Suffering from giddy and dizzy spells every now and then. So i had force myself to had Iron and folic acid every day! (Eating folic acid doesn’t mean i m pregnant hor!)

Better Luck – Hope to have a change ~

Slimmer – I managed to drop 2kg from 44kg to 42kg. However, my target is 39kg!



and HUAT AR!!!