Birthday Celebrations!

2 more days to hit 31 yrs old and 4 more days to MRS !

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Updates: Oct – Nov! (Hens Night/Pre-Wedding shoots/Hilton Buffet)

I know this humble blog of mine is collection dust and spider webs soon.
Anyways nobody bother to read this blog except me!
If you are wonder, what am i busy with!
Well, i am busy preparing my BIG DAY!!!!!
* Did i hear some heart breaking? =p
My previous blog entry mentioned about a crazy nite (Bachelorette Party)
that i had with my darling gfs @ MBS!
I really love the “Surprise” that they gave me! 
Thanks for all their efforts!
And i had another round of Bachelorette Party with my Secondary school gfs!
(i think this is the only Hens nite party with kids around!)
Thanks a million to my dearest gf, Kerry!


For planning a wonderful nite for me =)

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