Taiwan trip 2012

Taiwan trip 2012
We are going for Taiwan for 14 days !!!
This was our 3rd time there and we are going to have our wedding photoshoots @ Taiwan (Bluebay) and will be tour around taiwan for another 8 days! =)


I am finally back!
Last blog post  have been at least 3 months ago,

i had been really busy with planning, travelling etc

Anyway, nobody read my blog except Myself =p

so i believed that nobody is waiting my new post

Work is still the same, life is still the same, gingerbelle still alive =p

Other than work, had been busy to look for Interior design for old/new house renovation.

As for gingerbelle, still the same…. prepare for new launch, photo shoot, doing the website, new collection launch.

Also we had our customer to be our model =)
she is really pretty in person! 

Also went to Taiwan and BKK during March and April! 
will blog about my trip again.

The following will be summarize on what i had been doing/meeting with 



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