It’s Been A While…

I know that haven’t been blogging for quite awhile

As usual, been busy with work and gingerbelle.

Hows ur New year and CNY? 
hope you have a wonderful New year and CNY.


Meeting my bestie on New year eve after my photoshoot.
I know i look super shag

CNY Day 1
Location: MY HOUSE!

Lou Hei with my relatives!

With my pretty cousins! I am the oldest cum shortest and Fattest!
Location: Malaysia (My uncle’s House)
Yes, Lou hei again=)

Lets Huat ar!
Ya i know i block the yusheng! =p
and i always ready for photos!
My mum bought this for my youngest cousin as she got 1st in class =)
BUt it become props for photo taking =P
They are sisters (wonder why they keep on wearing spec)
Actually i have problem communicate with them as i believed that is call generation gap.
I just feel that they are quite RUDE!
Again, i am the fattest cum oldest BUT i am the tallest 
With my mummy
Meeting my gfs for lunch cum dinner @ Joey’s place =)
Lou Hei @ Jia’s place
Den went to River Angbao for a short while
i looked shag
will cont photos again…