some random pic of miss seet =)

MOre RandOm Pic of ME!



What i had been busy with ?

Yes, i am busy with my blogshop – Gingerbelle!!!

Initally we were using livejournal but it keep down for the past few weeks =(

Therefore, we shifted to yolasite.com
(we need to redo the whole site!)

We had our second photoshoot on last sunday! And we have a new model ~ Denyse =)

caption=”Huishi and Denyse”][/caption]

My favourite pcs

One of my favourite pcs – Diva Toga dress in black

Cropped Jacket – Black

Braid Tulip Dress – Grey

Gingerbelle and frenz
From the left is Chewling our business consultant, me (boss cum model for our website), Joey (Boss) and Denyse (Our model cum Marketing consultant)

Gingerbelle and frenz

Thanks for all their help!!!



Sometime i am wondering who view my blog =)

Anybody can tell me why that i fall sick easily????

First was fever, den cough + running nose. After that, i “sprain” or hurt my wrist!!!


Beside, busy falling sick!! i was helping gingerbellelove for some photo shoot!

Looking for stylish and quality pieces at affordable prices


More photo …

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