2011 JAN~

1. Lunching @ Chalk with my poly mates!

Shujia and Kai give their JIEMEIs and Brother a lunch treat @ chalk on 2nd Jan =)

Quite a special place and thanks for the lunch =)

2. Celebrating Denyse and Chewling 27th Birthday @ St James

Us with Birthday gal, Chewling... while waiting for Denyse...

Saw Dewei there...

Birthday gal Denyse and bf

Birthday gal, Chewling and bf

Our newly wed, Shujia and Kai

Siying and bf

Soooooo long never went clubbing!!! LOL
Enjoyed ourself and drink quite abit =p
But i still managed to go home myself =)

3. Biwen’s 29th Birthday @ Beer Market

Buy low drink HIGH


Before he drunk

Hope birthday boy had enjoyed himself as much as we were. However, we nv managed to make Birthday boy drunk but his brother was drunk tat nite =p

Chinese New Year is around the corner, i had already bought 6 dresses!!!! LOL
RED Tube dress
Lace Overlay Frock (Black)
Ruche Overlay Sweetheart Bustier (Gunmetal)
White off shoulder dress (this will only arrive on March and till now they havent got back to me YET!!! DAMN)
Puff sleeve dress (Blue)
Blue toga dress (MY FAV!!!!)

Okay, i am broke now after all the drink session and shopping!!!