OUR BFF – SHujia’s Hens Nite

Shujia is the first within our group

We went to a club and St James after that ~
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“60 interesting things about Miss Seet”.

1. I hate wearing jeans
2. Love mini skirt, toga, tube dress
3. Most of my clothes are white, black and blue in color.
4. However, I just started to buy more pink colour dresses
5. Hate Cockroaches
6. My favorite subjects in primary and secondary school is Maths, Chinese and Account
7. Always thought that I will be an Accountant
8. Start to use computer when I was 18
9. Went to ITE Tampines and studied Information Technology
10. I am the only child at home
11. My shoes size is 37
12. I prefer squares watches
13. I love IVY LEE and Jeanette Aw
14. Coz I think they are gorgeous
15. I was born in Toa Payoh hospital
16. I cannot live without COFFEE
17. My last relationship lasted almost 7 years
18. I love guys wearing formal
19. My favorite cuisine is Jap
20. I cant take spicy food
21. But I love curry
22. My favourite number is six.
23. I think my mummy is beautiful
24. But she doesn’t think I am pretty
25. I dislike my droopy eyes in the past
26. But started to love them now
27. I spent 5 years in secondary school
28. Because I was from Normal Acad
29. My birthday is in November.
30. I am Scorpio baby
31. Strongly believe in horoscope
32. I dun apply lipstick
33. I never went for any cosmetic surgery before
34. I am only 161cm but i happy with that
35. I always think , I look FAT
36. But actually I am always underweight
37. I do not know how I survive in NTU for 3 years
38. My result in NTU is sucks.
39. I was from Computer Engineering
40. Most of my primary and secondary school classmate are married
41. And with 1-3 kids
42. I am the only few who are still single
43. I enjoying single life
44. I always hope that I have a elder brother
45. I love seafood
46. I cant drive
47. My mummy was born in Malaysia
48. Therefore, I have many relatives in Malaysia
49. I always think that my surname is very unique, as hardly can found in Singapore
50. My blood type is AB+
51. I have anemia
52. I always feel giddy
53. I use only IPhone
54. I staying in the East side
55. Was in the honour list when I graduated in Temasek Polytechnic
56. I love to take photos, travel and shopping
57. But Sleeping is still my fav pastime
58. I cannot survive with brown colour lens, concealer and sunblock
59. I always love big eyes and tall guys
60. I love these 3 perfume – Chanel Chance, DKNY delicious (green) and Clinque Happy