Received 3 boxes of mooncakes.



A mini secondary school gathering cum Kerry birthday celebration @ Kovan CC.

Kerry's 29th Birthday!!!

Kerry\’s Birthday!!!



@ Kovan CC



Kerry is sooo happy =)


Me and our beautiful birthday gal, Kerry



Me,Kerry, Peisi and Lijuan


Junyong and me



Junyong and me

Visit my grand-aunt @ Tiong Bahru

Mummy and Grand-aunt

Mummy and Grand-aunt



Us and Grand-aunt



Daddy,Mummy,uncle and Grand-aunt


6th Sept 2009

My last update was a weeks ago, i guess i am just too busy/lazy to blog.

Work is so stress and i think i really need to learn how to manage stress and maintain good relation with colleauges. I really dun wish that colleague dislikes me or think i have attitude problem. Well, seriously i am just not in good mood and feeling too stressful when he talked to me. And he feels that i showing attitude and DISLIKE me. I was really upset when i heard this. really upset!!!!

Some of my colleague told me that I am very different when I was in office and outside. Well, I do agree with this. I just dun wan to show my 38ness and siaozabo ness in office.

Sometimes, i feel weird and strange when i got to know those guys are discuss about my dressing and etc. Or even discuss about my ex bf and photos that i posted. Even thou i did not told them anything about him. Yes, He is my ex, and we broke off many months ago. The funniest thing that, they even know how long we had been together.

Most of my friend and relative were very shocked that we had broke off after 7 yrs of relation. All of them tot that we are getting marry. well, i should not discuss here as he had already found a gf after we broke off 2 months and they are getting marry soon. Therefore, I wish them all the best =)

Anyway, I had brought myself many many things! Dresses, Levi Skinny Jean(i bio this very long le), skirts, shirts, SK II, Clinque foundation (this is a must), chocolate (i eat them when i feel damn stress or unhappy) and wallet. Hence, I am damn broke now. Really Broke.

Now my new wish list that i want is, a new watch and maybe a desktop. Someone asked me what type of watch that i like. Hmm i really dunnoe. But I like watch with Rectangular black face ,Steel Bracelet. Hmmm the face cannot too small else I cant see =(

I was invited to 3 wedding dinner next month! =) I love to attend wedding but will make me feel that i wan to get marry too!!!!lolx

The first wedding that I am goin to attend is my 舅舅 wedding, his wife is 3 yrs younger than me and i heard is quite sweet looking. Meaning I am going back to Malaysia. ya, I will be very sianz. No internet, no online shopping, no shopping, no SMSing (very ex) and no calling. =(

Another 2 is my colleague and ex-colleague wedding =) Now i am super headache on what to wear !!! lolx. And I am going to skip my lesson to attend my ex-colleague wedding. Hey, da jie if u are reading this, 感动吗? =p

Some photos that i took during these few weeks,
This is really nice =) Can I have this again? yummy~
Mr david and Steven
YK and me


Some retarted pictures of ME
I know i look damn fat =(