working working and working!!!!
Sat 2pm – 5pm WORK WORK
Sat 5pm- 6pm dinner
Sat 6pm – 8pm Attend my clase frenz’ s father wake @ Hougang
Sat 8pm – 11pm Rest at home
Sat 11pm till Sundday morning WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK!!!!

hahaha……. zzzzzzzzz


Retail Therapy

Chinese New Year Shopping with my dearest mummy!!!

Spent around $400 plus on new clothes, pants, shoes,wallet and 2 bedsheets (mummy)

as for me, i brought myself new dresses, heels and a nice black pants =)

i love this dress sooooo much.
Thinking to wear this on CNY day 1 =p

blue or red ?
seriously think tat i look weird in red.

Accompany my parents over the weekend as my dad having depression…
i am so worried sick about him…..

Also hope his eye operation will be successful and stop feeling depress….