Tired tired tired
Sometime i really dun know what i want…..
我讨厌这样的我 !

no pictures for x ‘mas and new year count down…

coz i never went to any….

Sure a boring year for me




Merry Christmas to you!!!
i love Xmas


all my presents~

All my present received on xmas eve

Present from Boss!!!

From Colleagues

From _ _ _ _ _

This year i received:

8 Carebears

  • 4 little carebears from Jason (Laugh, Champ, Share and birthday care bear)
  • 1 giant size love-a-lot bear from _ _ _ _ _
  • 2 big size care bear from _ _ _ _ _ (Wish bear and friend bear)
  • 1 medium size from my boss, EDO ( grumpy bear) I wonder why he brought me this? coz i always grumpy in office??? lolx….

2 Winnie the pooh bears

  • 1 big pooh bear from _ _ _ _ _ _
  • 1 small bear from Zhixiong


1 Mug from Edo
1 Jewellery box from Stella
1 4GB thumb drive from all the bosses (Stella, Joshua, Edo, Azmi and Mark)
1 box of Godiva Chocolate from _ _ _ _ _
1 photo frame from Xianlong
1 towel from Jeslyn
1 small bear from Nelson
$20 BHG voucher from Joshua(gift exchange)

i love all the present very much

love you guys!!!



Received my 2nd Xmas present today….
and is a huge one…..

(My first Xmas cum birthday present is from Jason – 4 Carebears….. thank you. i was very surprise that he brought me 4 little ones….. omg!!! )

I really really surprise that someone brought me sooooo many presents for xmas…..

this look expensive and is soooooo pretty.
ya, i know he wan to make me FAT!!!

and CAREBEARS….. i did mention to him that is quite difficult to find wish bear…. and he really find that for me…. and bought me 2 other care bears =)

The pink one is really HUGE.

i guess these presents really cost a bomb….

Thanks _ _ _ _ _ , i really like it.

Also received a super chio necklace last week
from _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as birthday present

This look great on me… Haha
I know he has great taste but also need to depend who wearing it… lolx.


Thomas wedding =)

Nic, me, beautiful bride, Thomas and Don


Jason, me and our BOSS – EDO and Joshua

With our manager, Stella and all the “old bird”

EMS Ladies, jeslyn, me, kelly and yunyun

Nic and Don


Xmas Exchange ~

Best xmas present Award 2008
goes to……. 1st Miss Chia’s musical box
2nd Miss Poh’s musical box

is super chio……

most effort award goes to…… Miss Poh
Not only her present is super chio, her wrapper also v chio….
And she brought a little gift for all of us =)

And the lucky gals who receive these 2 musical box are – Miss DD and Miss Lim

last but not least….. most no effort award goes to Miss DD…. coz she brought VOUCHER


Super Chio Musical Box ♥