Some Photos~

took these in office~

me and Ivia
she is really nice~

Ivia, me, Kelly and Yunyun
ya i know i look like ghost…..

Some pictures that i took at home last weekend~



NCS D&D @ expo hall 1

Friday, 1st Aug 2008
~ NCS D&D @ expo hall 1 ~
The theme was OLymics Night
therefore we were told to dress sporty ~

some “performance” hmmm…
Sponsor by Mr Ajith =)
Our table number 51

Meow Kim, a very sweet lady~
yes both of us support England…. look at our jersey~
Me and my project manager aka BOSS, Stella
me with my 2 bosses, Stella (PM) and Edo (Team lead cum RO)

Edo is really really nice, i am so glad that i am under his team =)
and he can be very funny sometime….. well should be most of the time

me with Zhixiong and Mike
Zhixiong always have funny pose~
Chun Hwee, Thomas and Henry
3 married man….
Xianlong, Joshua and me
Joshua, is super nice team lead in my team
Ajith with his girlfriendssss
from other team….


well, the food and service really SUCKS.
can complain ma? lolx

Only Ajith won a small prize in the lucky draw =)

Also, Muz thanks Kelly for lending me her football jersey


NTU Convocation 2008

Friday, 25th July 2008
~ NTU Convocation 2008 ~


等这天等了很 久了

miss seet

me and my parent


~ Ceremony 11 ~

i was on stage~

More Convocation pictures
took from Mr Sim

Also i brought this NTU bear
which cost me $60
sooo cute hor…. ya i know it look a bit retarded

Went to marina square for shopping after my convo

me and my new dress =)
ya i know i look FAT