Miss Seet went shopping again….From online, coax and face shop =)




this like white tube dress soooo much…

but i find it toooo short for me!!!i guess i can wear this to wedding dinner/d&d or frenz birthday celebration?

BUT my company d&d 2008 theme is FOOTBALL
how to wear this?

As for wedding dinner? hmm…. not yet receive any 红色炸弹 (RED BOMB) yet =)

(heard that 3 of my colleagues are getting married this year… hmm)

Brought this at the same online shop with my white tube dress…
dun hav much “bright” colour dresses b4… hopefully i wont look weird iti will wear this on Monday!!!
should be ok lah hor, not too short =)

Dun worry i will wear this with my little jacket

i can only say that, this dress look better in real
nice and soft material….

only $17 good buy

Cost me $16 only….
And this is my favorite !!!!

Ya, i know i brought 4 tube dresses…
Can tell i love tube dress ALOT!!!!
i really think i muz cut some weight…. coz i think i look fat in these pictures
Some cosmetics items from face shop
the gel eye liner is GREAT!!!
i brought BrOWn color.also brought eyeshadow in gold colour
and DARK BLUE nail polish

(btw, i not those gal who love pink pink and pink
prefer cool colour for nail polish haha)

Some cute kitten pictures

My neighbour’s cat had juz give birth…. and this is her 2nd time!!!
All her babies was given or throw away

But this time round, i hope they wont give this kitten away…
coz i think it i s very pretty… omg…

look innocent rite…




I’ll not be in office for this whole week….. As i am attending HP Operation Manager 8.0 Windows I (Administrator) course this week…

which means that i NO NEED TO WORK!!! Actually not really leh =(

The course is quite dry and boring….. But i really appreciate that i was given this chance to attend this course. As i heard this monitoring tool is used in many big company. Therefore, this will be very useful for me =)

Also, the best part in this course is….. LUNCH IS PROVIDED lolx


Gown/Cert/Invitation Card Collection day @ NTU

Left office at around 2pm on Monday =p

Reached NTU for collection of my invitation card (NTU Convocation 2008) I waited for this convocation since last year Sept….

So happy to see all my classmate again after we graduate which is an excellent time of catching up =)

Also, I order my stage photo ($12) and NTU bear which cost me $60. Ya, i know is damn expensive!!!

Really miss NTU. There are quite a few changes such

BUS 179A – I only know Bus 179….

New Canteen A with subway – The old and dark canteen A is closed. Table and chairs are still there, but more for student to study there.

ATM Shift place – I couldn’t find it…. As i need to withdraw money for my bear

Other than these, all still look the same…

I do miss NTU a lot, but i really cant say that i enjoy my 3 years in NTU.

Seriously, the life there isn’t that good or enjoyable.

First, Imagine took 1.5 hour ride from Tampines to NTU everyday.
Next, the Curriculum is soooo…….. Is damn hard to study there… Coz you need to fight with those foreign scholars, JC ppl and also those Top students from Polytechnic.

(For your info, I am not top student in Poly = p)

Also, is quite difficult to find close frenz in NTU. HaHa… but i am glad that i found a few nice frenz there…..

Took quite a number of pic in NTU….

After our gown collection, we went to Ichiban sushi @ Jurong Point for our dinner. We never took picture during dinner coz we are tooooo HUNGRY!!! lolx~


Friday, 2nd May 2008

My first Bangkok trip!!!
This also my first time to travel with my dear dear!!!

As i mention in my previous entry, this is my 6th year anniversary present from dear dear.
therefore he sponsored my airfreight and accommodation!!!

Day 1

Woke up at 8am as our airport check in time is 1025am.
dear dear pick me up at around 930am.

Feeling so excited and yakked enthusiastically along the journey to Changi Airport.

Our Flight detail:

Flight Number TG 404
Flight time: 1225
Airport Check-in time: 1025
Airline: Thai Airways International
@ T1

As usual took many photos but i only upload these few.
Coz some of the pictures are BLUR

Ready to board the plane
this is my first time take plane!

After 2hour flight, we finally reach safely at Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Arrived at Asia Hotel.

we stay at asia hotel for our 4d3n in bkk
Is accesible as the sky train is juz beside us.
so, we take BTS sky train wherever we go.

we dumped our luggage and immediately headed towards our 1st destination

~The Platinum fashion mall~

is an enlarged version of Far East~
But is much much better than far east,

i miss Platinum fashion mall now 😦

this is my favourite!!!
nv took any pic there coz we are too bz shopping!!!

And we had our first meal in thailand
A & W @ Pantip Plaza

do u miss the root-bear float?
curly fries
is still yummy as b4~

Went to Thai Girl show …
the girls is really amazing

Headed down to Suan Lam Night market
Nothing much to buy as almost half of the shop is CLOSED.

Took their mrt back
is very similar to our mrt.

Day 2

Woke up early for our breakfast that is provided by hotel
kinda of buffet style
quite nice~

Our first destination is

Chatuchak Market

Juz outside Asia Hotel

BTS Sky Train
Queuing for our ticket
we r getting 1 day pass~

here is our 1 day pass~

~train platform~
Finally reach Chatuchak market.
super hot~
is an enlarged version of Bugis village

soooo tired…
so we decide to go back to hotel to damp all our stuff and went to our next destination MBK for our late lunch~

took some pic in hotel
i seriously think this pic is funny

@ siam paragon

had our lunch @ siam paragon basement foodcourt
the food there is super nice..
is much much much better than singapore.
omg, i start to miss the food there

@ siam ocean world..

@ Central World

“woman cant read maps”
haha since all the guys feel it this way… so let dear dear to read it.
Actually i not good in reading maps but I CAN READ MAP ok
juz lazy to do it~
while dear dear is reading his map..
i take photo~

when i to something nice, he make funny face
when i make funny face… he look ok.

reach MBK!!!

After hours of shopping~
we are soooo tired
had a drink @ Mister bean cafe~

our mocha cost us $70!!!!
haha is in thai baht 🙂
the stray dog resting @ mrt station.

There was nothing to buy in MBK, ZEN, central world… etc

On our way, we saw this park…
so decided to take some pictures there

Went to Cabbages & Condoms to have our dinner
is a very unique and special restaurant …
and saw many Singaporean there

~ here come the food~
as usual we can’t finish our food.

After this, we took train back to hotel
coz i was DAMN SICK.
down with flu

Our buys for the day!

Day 3

we went back to Platinum mall hoping to steal more good buys!

but before that we need to eat!!!!
had our lunch at one of the shopping mall food court
i love thai FOOD

why i cant find them in spore?

Our buys for the day!

Dropped our stuff back at the hotel
had a sumptuous dinner at a jap restaurant opp our hotel

~my dinner~

~dear dear dinner~
we wondering why it doesnt look the same in the menu
therefore dear dear approached the waitress and ask
she found out was their mistake and keep bring extra food to us~~bus stop~

Day 4
our last day in Thailand~

Breakfast time~
drunk ?
our hotel lobby
lazy, is how i feel
outside our room
room 453 i will miss u!!!
i guess deardear will miss it more~
@ thai new airport…..
both luggages are FULL


Jingzi’s 24th birthday ~


Celebrate our princess Jingzi 24th birthday @ Hanabi Japanese Restaurant located at Odean Towers.

Last weekend, i meet my princesses for lunch…. Coz is our dear Jingzi 24th Birthday!!!

Feel so good to meet them again!!

As we can gossip gossip and GOSSIP!!!

Also, hope Jingzi will love the birthday present 🙂

Here are the photos

ღ 6 pretty ladies ღ

ღ Our twins ღ
ღ Chewling, Denyse and Siying ღ
ღ me and Bday galღ
ღ Hip-hop Siying acting cute??? ღ
ღ Birthday gal Jingzi actng “shu nu”??? ღ
ღ Chewling acting cute??? ღ
ღ Birthday gal with her “little birthday cake” ღ

i love you gals ღღ

family studio portrait

color my hair BLACK

i lookso OR-BIT now!!!

Miss Seet finally graduated from NTU 🙂

Finally, i am able to take my graduation family studio portrait after waiting for 1 whole year.

went to Serangoon Broadway professional Studio
for my graduation family portrait

the sale gals keep thinking i am from Singapore Poly…

hello i am from NTU leh..

i dun look like meh???

there is an auntie recognize me that i worked with Werkz (their competitors)
b4 in NUS Convocation 2006

so she keep asking me how much they paying me, how i found that job and ask me to work for them

haha…. i juz replied that i cant rememeber the pay and i now working full time as system consultant … really no time for part times



we choose 3 packages
(dun ask me why we took soooo many)
coz my mummy insist me to take the individual portrait

  1. 24R Family portrait
  2. 8R Individual Portrait
  3. 8R Dad and mummy Portrait


End up we paying $717.90
so expensive hor~

I dun expect it cost so much!!!

           But i only pay $100 and my dad paid the balance 🙂

he is the best!!!!

some photo that we took b4 we went there

After 10 days of long wait….

these are the photos…

Frankly, i really think we look or-bit and the pose are SUPER OR-BIT


very orbit pose and super orbit background

Family portrait photo 🙂

my dearest mummy & daddy

actually quite disappointed with the photos.we are thinking to retake~