N105 Poly Class Gathering 2008

Friday, 28th March 2008
~N105 Poly Class Gathering 2008 @ Clark Quey~Had a mini class gathering this evening.
Only 9 of us!!!
Is soooo difficult to get all the ppl out

ღ Our Group Photo
At the front: Siying, Chewling and Jimmy Ong
Back: Jansen, me, Jingzi, Shujia,Denyse and William

ღ me, Chewling, Jimmy, William and Jingzi
ღ while waiting for our food to be serve
we are too bo liao le :p
But i think this pic look quite special.
Taken by Chewling 🙂
ღ 6 pretty ladies
Yes, i know all for us having the same pose and really not much diff in these 4 photos
ღ Siying … acting CUTE

ღ Princess Denyse
ღPretty Shujiaღ Jingzi and Shu jiaღ

i was talking to my BOSS!!!
ღ Jansen and the ladies ღ Denyse and Jansen

hmmm… i find this pic and the photowe took on last gathering ……
Same pose but different guy :p
more funny photo…. coming soon!!!
waiting for miss lim to upload 🙂



I’m beginning to feel the stress!!!!
due to work.

i think i need a break now.

rest rest and more rest.

also, somebody comment that i am “meat meat”

yes, i’m totally agree with them.

start my diet and gym plan next week.




look at the merlion eeeeeeeek
(i really dont knw that it look like this else i wont dare to take a pic with it)

Took this picture @ Dempsrey Hill

Initially wanted to go there for dinner but end up we went to eat our favorite
Whitney Big Prawn Noodle
opp novena square

“Some Updates”

Dad went for a age-related cataract operation @ Changi Hospital.
And it is a successful one.
Now he is stay at home to rest for a month b4 he can go back to work.

And my uncle (My dad’s brother) lost his way home.
Till now he not yet go home and it had been 1 week.
All of us is soooo worry.
(he is a bit retarded)

Haiz, i am getting fatter and fatter
even thought i nv put on weight
(still 43kg)
But for my height, this is consider FAT !!!
I need to exercise

This whole week had been a very bz week for me and dear dear.
Therefore we do not have much time to meet up.

Due to work!!!


But we plan to go BKK for a short trip.

Here is some photo….


Don’s Farewell

Friday, 29th February 2008
~ Don’s Farewell Dinner~ღ @ Jack’s place ღ
ღ @ my cubi ღ
Don look so retarded in this pic :p
This looks slightly better

@ my boss cubi (she is not ard :P) ღღ @ her own cubi Jos ღ
Don and ZhixiongღDon and TLღ the 1st,2nd and 3rd generation of ITSS projectღDon, TL and Kaylen(new gal)

ღIvia and Don
Don and Edwinღ
ღDon with all the Team Lead – Azmi and Jos i like this pic 🙂 ღ me and Kaylen(New gal in our team)
Omg, she is sooooo young. *faint

NCS – making IT happen 🙂

Yesterday was her last day in NCS.
I am glad that i know her ~
Enjoy gossip, working, chatting and lunch-ing with her!!!
Don, all the best to your future endeavors.

Muz keep in touch and meet for LUNCH!!!