♡ Miss Seet ♡

Hello, I am Hui Shi

Just graduated from Nanyang Technological University
School of Computer Engineering

Currently, i am a System Engineer.

As a fresh grad, lots of things i need to learn. In term of technical skill and social skill.

So I’m constantly striving to improve myself.

Even thought i had only 0.5 yrs of working experiences.
BUT i have 20 yrs of STUDY experiences.

  • 2 yrs in Kindergarten
  • 6 yrs in Yumin Primary School
  • 5 yrs in Loyang Secondary School
  • 1 yr in ITE Tampines
  • 3 yrs in Temasek Polytechnic
  • Finally, 3 yrs in NTU

i love the bunch of great girlfriends i met during my sec sch and poly days!!!

Met Shirley and Kerry when we were sec 1. It was soooo many years back.

Shirley is a very sweet lady and now she is already a mother of 1 child.

This was happen 12 yrs ago, I broke up with my ex bf on valentine’s day. She was there with me and even ask me to go out with her bf(ex) for celebration. Because she dun want me to feel left out.
I still remember we went to Hougang Mall.

Even thought it was happen long long time back but deep in my heart she is still the best!!!

Kerry has become a very chio lady 🙂

Kerry is a very generous gal and is very sweet lady when she in good mood!! Always take good care of us as she treat us as her little sister.

Also, I have met a few wonderful girlfriends during my poly days.

we did so many things together.
Went clubbing, KTV, oversea, gossiping, sentosa…..etc

And so grateful to have him by my side since 28/04/2002
He is the best!!!

To me she is the most important person in this world.
Without her… i will not be in this world


Mail me at seet0009@ntu.edu.sg!


~ Random Photos~

♡ us and my new toy from dear dear 🙂 ♡

♡ this is how he look when i FORCE him to take pic with me ♡
♡ my new toy ♡
♡ dear dear’s wife, i am juz his gf!!! ♡

Thursday, 14th February 2008
~ Sentosa Flower 2008~

happy valentine’s day

Had a wonderful day with dear dear @ Sentosa.

Showcases over 40 types of spring flowers from different countries

Sooo beautiful

I took some pictures back 🙂

i not professional ok? therefore dun expect too much :p

More picture!!!

♡♡♡ us ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ the star ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ look like the one outside ROM hor♡♡♡

♡♡♡ dun know why he took so far …..♡♡♡♡♡♡ a shy mouse? ♡♡♡

♡♡♡ she so small size~♡♡♡

♡♡♡ err……♡♡♡

♡♡♡ wat r u pointing at?♡♡♡

♡♡♡ holding merlion♡♡♡

♡♡♡ sugar cane advertisement? the drinks there is sooooo ex 😦 ♡♡♡♡♡♡ err…♡♡♡

♡♡♡ while we r queuing for photo taking. ♡♡♡
♡♡♡ the heart ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 睬花贼? ♡♡♡
i think he look soooo cute leh!
♡♡♡ me, sooo tired!!! scary??? ♡♡♡

had our romantic dinner @ Pasta Waraku


♡♡♡ dear dear has 桃 花 this year ???? 😦 ♡♡♡
♡♡♡ i wan to watch movie :)♡♡♡♡♡♡ 桃 花 no i dun need this coz i had already found him[dear dear] 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡♡ i think i really look ugly in this pic 😦 ♡♡♡……………

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Wednesday, 7th February 2008
~ CNY 2008~

恭贺新禧 万事如意

發 arh…
♦ me and my pretty mummy

♦my parent 🙂
mummy and my 三姑
♦ my pretty and handsome cousins ♦
esp the one beside me…. she so pretty 🙂
guys, dun ask me to intro ok. she is attached and she is too YOUNG for u 🙂
my ang baos 🙂


Saturday, 2nd February 2008
~ Ariel 1st birthday~

Attend Ariel Birthday party this evening.

me, Ariel, Peisi and Kerry Ping ping, me,Ariel (with her birthday present from me and kerry) and Peisi Ya i know we look awkward.
there is some misunderstanding or communication break down between us last month
hopefully everything will back to normal again.
I was playing JY’s psp whole evening as i dun have much ppl i can talk to.
Also nv took much pictures as all of them are so bz 😦
He look so cute!!!

Oh my God:!!!
i look terrible today…. tired cum dull face