Wednesday, 30th January 2008
~ Farewell Dinner@ MOF~ 

Jos (from management team), PS and ZhiXiong(BMC god)

Xian Long and JinQiang
Don (why u look so happy uh?) yummy ice-cream
Jos, PS, ZX, XL and JQ QR, Ivia, me, Don and Edwin
Went to Kbox after dinner
他们的歌声- 赞
Group photo without Don, Jos and JinQiang
Group photo without Don and JinQiang
Group photo without Don
Finally!!! All in
me and PS Don and XL QR and PS

让我介绍我公司的歌神, Jacky ONG

他的 mini concert 开始了
still got pose one hor


他特别点了张学友的 “祝福” 给PS
Really enjoy myself that nite!
i think that “Jacky Ong” is a entertainer.
He make us laugh like siao ding dong!!!


Wish all the best to PS in his new job. Muz stay in contact!!!


Sunday, 26th January 2008
~ poor huishi~dear dear brought this for my parent!!!
i love it 🙂

Went to consult my family doctor regarding my poor left foot.
She suggest me to go for x ray.
And i really went!!!
cost me $22 😦
my x ray!!!
here my report!!
no fracture 🙂
But i was force to consult chinese sinseh.
cost me another $25
And this is how my poor left foot look like.
me !!!

i really hope i wont be so clumsy again!!!!

Sunday, 23th January 2008
~ me, me and me~

So cute hor!!!
i look so chubby and no much hair 🙂
my beloved mummy and daddy!
actually i love soft toys…. even now also :p
i look so gong!!! but cute hor!!
i love singing when i was younger but now i CANT SING.
fierce sia
i can play abit lah!!!
yes, i start PERM my hair when i was only 6
FYI, my mummy is a hair-stylist.
Yumin Primary school yeah!!!

Sunday, 20th January 2008
~ old photo ~

Was looking for pictures for my new passport
i found these precious photos.

Dun you think she looks so sweet?
Are you wonder who is she?
my mummy when she is 16.
her eyes is soooooo beautiful….
when she is 21 and just married 🙂
2 year later, her little princess turn 2 yrs old:)

Oh ya, i know i dun look like princess but more like a prince.

Most ppl thou i was a little boy. 😦
i guess i was around 6-7 yrs old.

More like a girl but dun know why i look like gong gong ….

Hmm i cant find my primary school pictures
The pictures below is damn UGLY.
really cmi!!!

when i was in secondary 3.

me @ around secondary 4 or 5
I tied my hair
look like boy boy hor.

now you should know why i dun tied my hair coz i dun wan to show my E.T ears and is UGLYi think i really look ugly
i hate to take these kind of pictures.
And I going to find some nice pictures and will post it here again 🙂


Took this picture during lunch yesterday with Mickey Mouse
I seriously think that i look terrible.
Reason : Not enough sleep!!
and i getting older 😦
DO i look like aunty now?
OMG, i cant accept the fact that i had already 2X le.
i guess, i need botox soon!!!

Lots of things happen in this month.

wanted to share it here yet dun wish to reveal much


Thursday, 17th January 2008
~ Meeting the gals ~

Seriously think that Denyse still look great in spec!

got diff???
Denyse and Jia
still got more photos to upload…. but tired now!!
will do it tmr~