Thursday, 27th December 2007
~ALL about Xmaz Exchange~
another exchange with my colleagues @ Marina Square
Presents 😉
Me and Don with our presents
♦ 我们的老大。。。 Thomas with his Fiona xie ♦
i think he was very happy with his present.
He like the water bottle tat much? or FIONA Xie?

♦ Nic got $20 Esprit Voucher from me 🙂 ♦
♦ me and my 4th Thumb Drive :)♦

♦ Don…… lolx♦
this look better…. lolx
♦ Us again♦
♦ yes, me looking retardedat my CDs
fyi, that cd pouch is a xmas present from my manager 😉
cute hor!
OMG look at the guy behind us, what is he DOING?



~Xmas exchange~

Ncs Family

♦ old and new RC chairman 🙂 ♦
both from ntu!!!
♦ discussing wat to eat ♦
the food sucks. CMI
♦ Don and Thomas ♦
love lunch khaki
♦ me and the new gal, geraldine 🙂 ♦
she only 20 yrs old….. omg can tell our age gap?
♦ James, JinQiang and QiuRui ♦
the 3 news guys in our team. my mummy ask why all the guys look the same uh?
♦ Edwin and Ivia ♦
Nus team
♦ ZhiXiong ♦
he forever look soooo happy!!!
♦ Geraldine and TL ♦
mr bean? lolx
♦ Mark and Edo ♦
2 boss
♦ Thomas, ZhiXiong and James ♦


Monday, 24th December2007
~Xmas eve with dear dear @ VIVO~

i dear dear

Yes, i know i look FAT!!!
My xmas wish is….. i wan to slim down!!!!


Monday, 24th December2007
~ALL about Xmaz Exchange~
20.12.2007 @ Marina Square
Xmas Exchange with my sec school close frenz! the gang

Ugly Huishi, Sweet Peisi, Gorgeous Kerry and our cutie Ariel

I seriously think i look damn jialiet tat day. No mood to dress up and i look TIRED.
Due to work!!! SO STRESS leh!!!
All of them really dress up themselves for this outing and i really feel under dress 😦
i feel that i am a ugly betty 😦


Group Photo
without Mark coz he is the camera man.
Us and us and us AGAIn
Ariel slap kerry? Lolx
Really enjoy myself with the gang…
and hope we will have xmas exchange every year . But can i request to draw lots first?
coz i had been getting GUY cap and waist pouch this year…
17.12.2007 @ Lavender
Xmas Exchange with my poly close friends 🙂

i guess all of us love our xmas present. Can tell that all of us had really put in effort in picking the gifts.
Except for miss jansz lah.

The most thoughtful gal, or most effort ppl is CHEWLING
Not only getting Jingzi a nice pair of “crystal shoes” and also
and also brought us a stalk of pink rose and nice accessories.
we love her!!!

i love my white shirt too!

Hope that Miss Jansz like the dress that i brought for her!

oh ya i FEEL THAT i look damn jialiet that day
can tell i am sooooo tired..

Merry xmas

Saturday, 15th December 2007

dear dear and i headed out to town to get XMAS PRESENTS

but i only managed to get 3…… 4 more to go 😦

really had no idea what to get

Had our dinner @ SHIKUDO, a newly open restaurant located at citylink.

The pasta looks gd and really taste nice!!!

doesnt taste good at all.