Sunday, 25th November 2007
~ My Birthday Celebration Part 4 @ Parkway, PS and Orchard~Celebrate my 2Xth birthday with my dear dear today as he was sick last week.
sayang dear dear~

Dear dear brought me a small chocolate cake
sooo cute!!!

i love flower
He planned to bring me to somewhere for a romantic dinner but RAINING.
therefore we need to find another place for dinner.
Went to DELIFRANCE for dinner

And it is a WRoNG decision

First of all, the presentation doesnt look good at all.
And the food taste ….

Look at this
It is suppose to be salad
My big chef, Mr Tan decided to do it himself
Does this look better?

More and more Photos
me and dear dear @ pink xmas tree

me and dear dear @ Parkway nite~

Saturday, 24th November 2007
~PCG Family Day 2007 @ Brani~

Went to the PCG Family Day with dear dear and his parent.
It is an eye opening experience as i always curious on
the kind of environment deardear works in.

The place is soooo new and nice 🙂

This is where my dear office is located.
♦ me and my future in-laws
♦ Me

Back to dear dear’s place
me and ricky

♦ Ricky soooooo cute!!!!!!
♦ Do they look alike?
♦ us

And also i found my birthday present in his room!!!
I totally LOVE it!!!

I thou that dear dear will buy me sony aT20 but he brought me T200.
I love T200 MORE
i love you dear muack!!!

Also i would like to thanks all my dear friends who had get me present for my birthday
MILLION thanks to you guys.
you know who u r!


Huishi’s 26th Birthday with the gang

Saturday, 17th November 2007
~ My Birthday Celebration Part 3 @ V8 Bugis~ 

Met my sec school close frenz for my birthday celebration.

Make a wish!!!

Blowing the candle or kissing the cake?
OMG, my face look sooo skinny in this pic 😦

Peisi, Me and Kerry

JY, Me and Biwen

Dunknow WHO suggest to feed the rest with cake!!!
But i quite ok with it… coz is not i suffer haha

But later is my time to suffer!!!! i think Mdm Tan and JY dun know how to feed. Look at my expression. i know is super horrible and ugly
My conclusion is kerry can feed ppl better
Me with my brithday present
~Kerry brought me Clinque blusher and I really it 🙂

★ Our group photo for the ladies

Ariel, Peisi, me and Kerry Ariel really dun give me face hor~

Me and Kerry

~Went to Peisi’s place after dinner~

Our Ariel Princess
Does she look like 格格 to u?

Our Ariel Princess
Ariel had been crying for the whole day 😦


Ariel and Kerry
Wonder why she never cry???
Because i never use flash…. she hates flash light today!!!!

Thursday, 15th November 2007
~ My Birthday Celebration Part 2 @ home~Celebrate my birthday with the 2 most important ppl in this world…
Ya is my parent.

The dinner was a feast but too bad i nv took photo coz i am TOO HUNGRY
I realize it when
the food is almost finish by us.

I totally the prawns and CRABS
OMG i feel soooooo fat AGAIN!!!

Me and my beloved Mummy
me and my tiny cake

Omg i know i look terrible, tired and exhausted.
This is how i look like after 4 days of working and rushing to 4 sites in a day!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually tmr is my actual day and plan to celebrate with my dear dear Mr Tan.
But my poor dear is sick!!!
and look very sick. He had been vomited and vomited…. 😦
我 的 心 很 疼。
poor dear dear 😦
So hopefully he can quickly recover…

Tuesday, 13th November 2007
~ Tiring~

I feel soooooo tired!!!

Soooo many things to do yet soooo little time

We’re under power!!!

Huishi now is TIRED and EXHAUSTED




Huishi’s 26th Birthday with my darling gfs

Saturday, 10th November 2007
~ My Birthday Celebration Part 1~

Had a little celebration with the gals today @ Cafe Cartel. Initially wanted to go to Pasta De Waraku or Waruku but all is fully booked. I did make a reservation this morning
but i guess i am too LATE!!!! 😦

Went for coffee @ Coffee Club after our dinner!!

The gals had brought me a long wallet and a key pouch from
Guy Laroche

Iit very much!!!
Coz i choose it myself and claim back from them

Us @ Cafe Cartel 

Siying, Huishi & Shujia

♡ Jingzi, Denyse, Chewling

Us @ Coffee Club

Denyse, Shujia and Chewling Me, Jingzi and Siying

♥ Birthday Gal

~ me and my cute little chocolate cake ~

Yes i know i look FAT!!!!!

Me n Jingzi

Make a wish
Dun ask me what i wish. i wont say.

Finally a group photo Me, Shujia, Siying and Chewling
All of us except Chewling
Chewling, Me, Jingzi, Siying and Denyse

Oh ya i guess shujia is the best photographer among we gals.

Btw 3 more birthday celebrations is coming!!!

which means more photo will be upload!!!

Happy Birthday to ME~