Halloween party at zouk

Saturday, 27th October 2007
~ Halloween Nite @ Phuture~We gals went to the halloween party at zouk last nite!

It is really fun to get the outfits and dress up

But we failed get the outfit that we wanted.

As usual took a lot of pictures!!!

Gorgeous Jingzi ♥
Jingzi manage to dress up as the Sun goddess
And she look damn gorgeous!!!
I really love her make up
Sexy Siying
Siying, wants to be the naughty student who had a tattoo 🙂
When my stomach can as FLAT as hers???
Sweet ChewLing
Chewling is the angel
She really had an angelic smile

~so sweet~
I feel she more suitable to be angel than me
But we are different type of angel!
♥ Princess Denyse
Denyse wanted to dress as Sex therapist (Doctor)
But last minute she decide not too…
Still look so pretty as usual
She seem so busy whole nite as half of the time i dun noe where she is!!!
This is when Denyse trying to ACT angel.
♥ Pretty ShuJia ♥
Shujia just be herself!!!
she never intend to dress up as she cant get any outfit that she wanted.
great ppl to party with
Also trying to act as angel
Jingzi’s secondary friends also join us for party

All are very nice ppl and fun to party with.
They dressed as a Japanese Ghost and Korean ghost.
they look scary rite???
But too bad they never had free entry.

Me and Jingzi
Standing beside her i feel so stress as she sooooo good in make up as compare i look so plain 

Oh ya, i am the so-called angel on that nite.
I had really no choice as dunnoe what to be
so borrow the wings and wand from denyse.
Ya i know i dun look like an angel at all…
Did u see an angel in tube and mini skirt before?

Yes i wanted to be a sexy angel.

The ladies
When 3 angels met.
Our Wings
Us with the doll
Got 2 pretty ghost behind us DOLLS

Scary hor!

Me and my gals
Denyse look damn sexy
Me and Jingzi
Me and Chewling

more our pic
me, siying and jingzi
We are trying to turn Siying into good student!!!
Chewling and 2 ghost


The Scary Part


The photos below may look SCARY.
We took pic with these “ghost” as they caught our attention
But we do not know them at all


~ Purely for photo taking ~

3 Angels
This sweet looking angel wanted to take pic with us!!
Jingzi and Japanese Soldier
日 本 鬼 子
Me and 日 本 鬼 子
me and jingzi with a pair of twin ghost
Me and a graduate from University of hell
Jingzi and him
Me and a group of cow?
superman? cow? supercow? i dun know!!!
Us and them
Us and a weird looking ghost!

Is FUN!!!

Shujia 23rd Birthday

Saturday, 20th October 2007
~ Shujia 23rd Birthday@ Ma Maison~
Had a wonderful night with the gals @ a Japaneses-western restaurant, Ma Maison
located at Bugis level 2.


I will definitely will go back there again 🙂

~Here are the photos ~

♥ Our Birthday Gal, Shujia ♥
She look gorgeous, dun u think so!

Yummy cheese cake!

♥ Huishi, siying, Denyse, Chewling, Birthday gal Shujia and Jingzi♥
* Group photo – Me and 5 beautiful gals *

* A Closer look*

* Where is our princess cum tai tai, Denyse? *

You will feel HUNGRY after looking at the photo below.

The food really delicious and is not expensive at all.
Is really worth it.
yummy 🙂

~ Some individual shots ~

♥ Birthday gal Shujia ♥

♥ Jingzi♥
* Why she look so moody uh? *

♥ Chewling ♥

Some Pictures that we took!!!
♥ Me, Siying, Denyse and Chewling♥
♥ Me, Siying and Denyse ♥
* Ya i know i look FAT!!! Esp beside them!!!*

♥ Chewling, Shujia and Jingzi ♥
* 3 babes*

♥ Me with my coffee
* Cant remember what is that. I juz remember is COFFEE. And i know i look ROUND!*

♥ Me, JIngzi and Siying
* Why nobody tell me tat my hair is in a mess?*

♥ Chewling, Shujia and Chewling ♥
* 3 babes*

Get to known this group of hot babes when they were 17.
Time really flies!!!

From a little gal transformed into HOT BABES!!!
7 years of friendship!!!

i know all of us do treasure this friendship very much
i love u gals!!!!
(But i love my dear dear more :P)

Always been there when i need u gals
Very understanding as they will
迁 就 when i had examination

All are SO SWEET!!!

i really enjoying gossip, eating, chatting, cam-whoring, drink tea/coffee session with these
hot babes!

她 们 是 我 在 淡 马 锡 理 工 学 院 最 大 的 收 获 !!!


Saturday, 20th October 2007
~ nothing to do@ home~

Something sad but is truth and meaningful, i get this from somebody blog.

“Its sad when people you know become people you knew. When you can walk right past someone like they never were a big part of your life. How you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely look at them.”


Wednesday, 17th October 2007
~ On Medical leave resting @ home~

Feeling so sick now.
Fever cum throat pain and RUNNING NOSE.

had been eat and sleep for the whole day coz i feel the medicine make me feel weak.

I prefer work rather than rot at home.



Counting down to my birthday
But going to be 1 yr older 😦
so sianz.

if u are headache on what to get for me on my birthday
here is the HINTS.

♥ Canon Digital IXUS 850 or 860
♥ Fancl Tense up EX
♥ Wallet
♥ Nice office wear
♥ $$$


I will buy the digital camera myself 🙂

but if u wan to buy one for me, i wont mind.
Pls inform me b4 i get one for myself.

As for wallet, i still cant make up my mind to get a short or long wallet.


Friday, 12th October 2007
~Team building session@ East Coast Park~
~ more pic will be upload after i got it from Mark~

A chalet and BBQ Pit is booked for this event and also had plan a few indoor and outdoor games. The purpose is to let us know each other BETTER.

Definitely, all of us need to attend 🙂

I had kanna arrow to be one of the game in-charge.
The name of the game is 2 truth and 1 lie

how to play:
The players are divided into 3 groups and each member need to write down 3 things/statement about themselves.
2 which are true and 1 that is a lie.

So each individual need to make their statement, and the other team member need to discuss and guess which statement is false (LIE).
If the team guess correct will get 2 points.

I also had written 3 statements about myself for the folks to guess.

My 3 statements are:
1) I get drunk easily
2) I always wanted to migrate to Australia
3) I broke my left elbow before.

And only 1 group had the correct answer…

Make a guess….


~ Here come the photos ~

Mike, Don, me and Nick♥
Omg, all of us is wearing bright colour!!!

The Gang♥
The Pink, Orange and Blue gang

The Ladies♥
Our team had only 5 ladies 🙂

Me, Nick, My Team leader Edo and Mike♥
All are kind ppl who is very willing to teach me who is a very stupid and slow learner.

My Colleagues♥
This is the last photo that are took from my precious camera before it SPOILT!!!

Ya my precious camera spoilt!!! i am so sad as that is a gift from my dear dear and i love that camera soooo much.

Going to service it tmr.
Hopefully it still can be use.



Sunday, 30th September 2007
~Kerry’s 27th birthday~
~ added some new pictures from kerry’s cameraAriel is crying cozi snatch away her piglet….lolx

another grp pic
Our little princess Ariel
~playing with her piglet~
Us with birthday cake

will upodate the rest tmr…
need to koon liaoz


Sunday, 30th September 2007
~Kerry’s BIG day~
~ Celebrate her 27th Birthday
@ the mind’s cafe ~
The group photo
Can anybody explain why the guys having the same pose?
But for we gals, are posing our usual sweet sweet pose!
I doesnt mean i sweet!!! i mean kerry and peisi
Dear dear and me

Here come our beautiful birthday girl…….

i never eat much.
dun like the taste 😦

Photo-taking session
♥Ugly Me, sweet Peisi, cutie Ariel and beautiful Kerry
* I love them *
But i love my dear dear more :p
♥Us and piglet ♥
I brought tat cute piglet for my god-daughter Ariel
Ohh we have 2 PIGLETS!!!
OMG, it seems that they are around the same size
i feel that piglet is bigger size than her

2 ladies are acting cute?

Why birthday gal doesn’t seem happy uh?

Ariel’s daddy is playing with her

she seem moody!!
Not happy?

Ariel: where is my piglet???

so cute

me and my dear dear

Ariel with her new friend, Piglet
2 little piglets

Ariel is singing????

dear dear and i went off early as we had some argue with them.
Really dun like ppl showing me attitude.