Saturday, 22nd September 2007
~Chinese Garden~
After sooo many yrs, this is our 2nd times to go to chinese garden.
And this time round is dear dear wanted to bring me there.

Really took alot of pictures.

This is one of my fav photo with dear dear!

I love this photo

weird look creature

Happy bears

err… i oso not sure wat is this

so HOT and tired
Our “Da tou Zhao”

And met my dearest Peisi, her daughter Ariel and Biwen that evening
We had discuss to meet there at ard 7.
BUT they reached there ard 9 plus

dear and ariel
hmm… can tell he is good in carry dogs but not baby

Me and Ariel
She seems soooo HAPPY!!!
I think she likes me!!!

~My Family pic~
nono!!! Ariel is borrow from Peisi
NOT mine
Oh ya, i love babies and kids!!!!

Hopefully, i can have a baby in future and muz be as cute as Ariel

Can tell Ariel was hungry ….

Btw i love this pic very much~

Ariel and her beautiful god-mother :p

My mummy comment this
“By looking at these 2 photos, can tell that you are definitely not her mummy. Because she is going to drop”

Got meh????

~Us again~
Ariel, her god-mother and uncle Tan
i guess Ariel is wondering
Ariel: ” hmm… who is him uh? daddy? NONOONO …. oh is UNCLE TAN”

Ya kerry and FUn join us for a few photo-taking
The 3 best frenz and little princess

Ya i know these pic looks the same
BUT is taking from different camera with different angle ok!!!

Us trying to act cute
BTW Peisi (the one in pink) is Ariel’s mummy.

the other 2 beside her is Ariel god-mothers.
But Ariel one and only god-father was not there.

this is our 1st time to appear at Chinese garden together

After looking at these pictures, i really feel that i am FAT!!!!!!!
(ESP my arm when i carry Ariel)
and really need to tone up.

dear dear had brought me a nice running shoes and will start our gym session next week!!!


Let me set my target!!!!!

weight : 40 kg
waist: 23cm (NO tummy)

By 16 Nov 2007 🙂



Thursday, 20th September 2007
Updates, updates and more updates

I was told that i had not been update my blog for quite sometime. Because i was busy with my work.

EVERYDAY i need to
Leave my house very early in the morning and reach home around late evening. After watching my shows…
i will zzz….

As i was sooooooo tired!!!!

I really admire those who can study or work part time. I just dun have such energy.

I only wan to get some rest!


i met 3 “special people” last week………. 😦

The first incident

Went to Tiong BAhru plaza for lunch with Nic and Don. While waiting for Don to arrive, i went to the ladies located at level 1.

Before i went in, i feel somebody tap my shoulder….
Is a auntie asking me whether i can help her..

TO REDEEM 1 box of Bengawan Solo mini-mooncake.
She mention that 1 ppl only can redeem 1 box of moon cake.
SO hope i can redeem on her behalf!
Therefore she pass me the receipts ( Spend $80 or more den is able to redeem the mini-mooncake)

And i agree to help her…
She told me to go to the information counter located at level 2.
So i went…
And thought that she will waited for me at level 1 where we met or go to the information counter with me.

I went down to the location when we first met after i had redeem the mini-mooncake.
I couldn’t find her…
And waited for quite some time…
But she was not there
My colleagues was very curious about this incident. And think that the auntie i met is not a human being.

BUT i guess they think too much or juz wanted to scare me.


HOpe that she wont think that i want to cheat her.
In fact, i was there from 1230 to 2 plus.
And tried to find her.


Also happen during lunch time.

It happen on our ways to Yishun Central.

In the bus, there is quite a few students from special school. I saw one of the student punched my colleague who was standing beside him.
He just punch him for nothing. And i heard i s really hurt.
And it happen too sudden. All of us cannot react immediately.
Of course, my colleague nv punched him back…

After that, he slapped another boy in the bus. Well, that little boy cried out LOUD.

His mother had tried to stop his son for abused other passengers in the bus. However, she cant .

I think that boy is in his teens. Most probably , around 14 or 15. His strength is much more “stronger” than his mother.

Moreover, he SLAPPED and PINCHED his mother.

Poor mom!

That is not the end YET

Another guy who sit quite near him also got hit on his back of his head.


Heng, i was not sit near him.

The last incident

I was taking Bus 969 to Tampines after a tiring day.
And saw a seat at the end of the bus.

And the bus is soooo pack. Therefore i feel quite heng that i found a seat.


There is an old Indian woman sit infront of me.
She look so dirty and seem that she had not been washing her hair for quite sometime. YUCKS

i am sure that she had not been bathing for VERY long le.


i almost FAINT.



Monday, 11th September 2007
Random picturesTook these photo after dear dear convocation.

The Slacker
Outside LT 2

we r outside the carpark!!!!!

What is Mr KS doing?

dun ask me what r they trying to do!

Inside LT 19

School of Computer Engineering

Dear and me

They are trying to pose diff…. BUT…..

I MISS NTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 10th September 2007
My poor ankle

I fell down!!!
Sprain my ankle AGAIN.

Ya i had fell last year @ Century Square Cinema and hurt my right foot very badly.

Coz is too dark and i miss a step….


As for today, i also miss a step and fell again

But is not as “jia liet” as last time

But my poor ankle is swollen (Right Foot AGAIN)

dear dear bring me to consult chinese sinseh

And cost him $ 66



furthermore i dun feel that is good at all..

now my heart also aching now

i dun know why i so clumsy and keep get myself hurt.

why uh?




Thursday, 6th September 2007
Over-friendly Taxi Driver

Met 2 friendly Taxi driver today….
I cant even rest for a while in the cab coz they try to chat and chat with me.


The first taxi driver….

Went to NParks today with Nic, that taxi driver try to make small conversation with me
Nic told me that he keep looking at me….

As for the second taxi driver ..

he keep talk and talk and talk..
telling me where he stay, why is so jam, where is his in-laws stay
and keep complain of ERP gates
about poor and rich ppl
blah blah blah…

haiz… i cant even rest my eyes…


Oh ya,

I went shopping last week…
and i saw this white tube
is sooooo nice leh…
so i decide to try. therefore i request xs coz i think i can fit it well.

But hor that sale girl dun allow leh…

she said ” i think is too small for you leh… coz hor u too 丰 满 了。”


okok i treat it as a

” 称 赞 “

But she is wrong man!!!
size small is TOO BIG for me loh..

End up i brought a size xs

she think i am 丰 满 but i think is just her 幻 觉

and ya i usually wear small or extra small.

ya i know u must thinking tat i so fat how am i squeeze into a small size tops..

BUT i really wear small size



tmr still need to work!!!


Tuesday, 4th September 2007
SIM Convocation 2007

To all graduates….

Had reached there around 8am coz dear need to register by 9am.
So we had our breakfast there…
i am sooooo sleepy NOW !!!!

Took alot of pic!!!!

~Dear Dear before the convocation start~


~Us and his parent~

~dear dear and his classmates~

~SIM President~


~dear and Ken~

~us again~
One of our Favorite photo!!!

~finally get the cert~ 🙂

when is my turn? 😦

~dear project group mates~

~me and my new toy~
The SIM Bear
which cost dear dear $50
ex hor 😦
but i love it. Thanks dear 🙂