Meet my dearest NTU classmates on last Tuesday.
As usual, most of them were LATE. …….
Initially, we decided to had our dinner cum gathering at coffee club. But our “老大” (As he is the oldest among the guys lolx) dun want…. so we changed our location.
Therefore, we end up had our dinner at Suntec Soup Restaurant. 

Our group pic, i know is BLUR….

Among us, 2 of them had found a HIGH pay job. SO envy~
Why my pay is so little????
And they are going to treat us when they got their pay.

Some of us are working, attachment and back to study in NTU. But hopefully they wont forget me in future.
SHould had gathering once every month!!! lolx

i guess KS should plan the next gathering.


i feel that me and one of my close frenz had been drifting apart. In thinking, doing thing and the way she treat me.

We used to be soooo close. AND i find that she is mature and like a da jie jie. Whenever who had problem, we will be always there for each other.

But now i rather keep things to myself. Coz i dun think she will wan to hear and really cant stand her temper at all.

Actually, i think i had neglected her as i always make my studies as my first priority. But i think she cant understand.

My dear frenz, i really miss u. Miss those days we used to be.


2007 Sentosa Trip With my pretty gfs

Siying, Shujia, Jingzi, me and Chewling
~Denyse is finally back~
The 2 non-chinese ladies? From African or India?

me, jia and ying

Sunglass ad?

Can spot any different btw this and previous pic?

Me and the 2 “Twins”!
Feel so STRESS when i standing beside her!

ALSO Feel so STRESS when i standing beside her!

us again

~beach gals~

~beautiful ladies~


i get this from somebody blog…. it so touching

有位男孩很爱女孩,把她当宝一样的捧在手里。下雨时,男孩总是把伞尽量撑在女孩身上而自己身上都湿了,却笑的很甜,女孩很感动,也喜欢男孩这样的宠着她。那天,他们一起去散步回来,路过一个工地,突然一块碎石从上面掉了下来。男孩赶紧用身体抱住女孩,可突然地男孩将女孩的身体背转过来,自己倒在了地上。女孩重重的摔在他身上,而石块正好砸在女孩的额头,血慢慢地流了出来。女孩感到失望,马上起身哭着跑回家,头也不回、留下独自躺着的男孩 ……


 “当我看到地上的铁警筋时,我已经没有办法为你抵挡石头了,亲爱的,痛吗?”…… 女孩抱着男孩的尸体痛哭 ……

The underlying message …..

好好珍惜自己所拥有的,不要等失去后才来珍惜 …

只要你懂得珍惜。幸福 … 就在你身边。

to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.


*-21st July 2007 -*

Our shopping cum photo-taking section at Marina Square.
But i am the only one who brought something
I spent $110 for 2 pants and 1 pair of heels.

New pic

Nice nice pic

When i trying to be funny~Funny face pic

Back to normal…..