Hello Frenz,
If you have frenz, bf, uncle or dad’s company need any IT graduate please message me…
As I am currently looking for a perm job. and will be available after 1st Aug.
But i also dun mind to work in Bank!!!
Working life is so boring…..
Thinking to take CCNA soon…
and oso my driving class…
Ya i know tat i had been saying to take driving since i 18 …. hehe
Meeting the gals @ Orchard this evening~~~
for our gathering cum gossip session cum celebrating our princess Miss Chia 23rd Birthday…
I need a job badly~
No $$$$$$$

I had been depressing and gloomy for the past few weeks due to “something” happen. Because of this, I need to pay a heavy consequence.
However, everything will be over soon….
So grateful that I had met a wonderful person who wiling to help me to solve this problem.
Hopefully everything will be fine….
There is another thing that i am praying hard now is to happily say goodbye to NTU.
i really dun wish to go back there anymore other than my convocation.
Going back for my GE next semester…
But i dun think i will attend any class for my GE…

Had sent my appeal letter to SCE dean. After she read my email, she called me…. And said that she will try to help me and she oso find it is ridiculous to pay $3000 for 1 AU of GE.
so nice of her…. hopefully she can help me~
Watch “Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer” last nite with dear dear.
I love Jessica’s fig…. She is soooooo SEXY!!! lolx… :p
Overall is a nice watch and worth to watch it.
Watched 2 CMI movies which are “Men in white” and “Spider Lilies (刺青)” last week
Is really a waste of $$$$$$ and time 😦
I swear i wont watch this kind of movie AGAIN!!!!
If u thinking to watch these 2 movie, you should think twice.
Going for a wedding dinner later with dear dear…OMG my diet plan need to be postpone AGAIN..
ANd later cannot “mei mei’ coz of my swollen eyes… cant put any make up on it….. argss… NO masacara for me……
…No masacara == super sleepy cum ugly eyes…
~ It is a super boring day for me~ …………………….

WHY??? Those items that i ordered thru spree are TOO BIG FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought taiwan and korean gals are very small size? ARGSS…………………….

No more spree for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


This is my 5th week in NCS but I had not yet involved in any project. Had been doing documentation, install OS, doing imaging, patching.

I wan to get involve in TECHINICAL things.

Actually, I dun mind doing those installing, patching and configuration job. But there is only a few for me to do. And some more I need colleague to guide me along.

The people here seem nice and helpful.

My reporting officer seems very nice. The way he talks to us just like talking to his friends. And he willing to teach and share his experience.

And I have a so called “Shi Fu” who teaches me those installations blah blah that I need to do. I think he feel quite pei ceh coz I am slow and stupid. Haha …
But he still very patient and uncomplaining (for what I know, maybe he got) to teach me…. I feel so guilty….

However I feel that working life is bored. Everyday do the same things, eat the same food, and need to wake up so EARLY.

ZThe sad thing is I need to submit a report at the 10th week of my IO. Which is 5 more weeks later…. Omg… I not even start anything yet. Dont know what to write also……..sianz

Oh ya I just received some of my spree items which I ordered on April and May. Ya it took 2 months to arrive. In total I had ordered 1 skirt, 1 dress, 1 shirt, 5 tops and 1 box of fake eyelashes.

My conclusion is: Dress and Clothes from Kana is really cannot make it. The materials are those very cheap and low class types. And it doesn’t look the same as the picture. As for Tokyo Fashion, some of their clothes’ material look ok to me but some also CMI. Their cutting is quite big…. Haiz… doesn’t fit me well

Going to collect my tops from ninisweety tmr evening, hopefully it will look good on me.

My class schedule had released yesterday, and managed to find a few GE that is conducted on evening.
The class starts at 1730 till 2030 but I only off work at 1800. Anyway I dun think I will attend lecture….
However I miss those days attend lecture with my NTU classmates.

This is my time table if I am able to get my first choice…… HP801 Mind over stress…

If u think that my timetable is so good…. Tell you it isn’t good… Coz I need to pay $3000 for this… argss….
Spent $3000 for a General Elective. I know I am so suay!!!!!

Time flies…. 3 years le… I had spent my precious 3 years in NTU.
Even thought never gain much knowledge there, but I am glad to know a few nice people there!
Thanks frenz!!!
(such as, Mr wee, Miss Chng (hopefully i nv spell wrongly), Mr Goh, Mr Dav …………….etc)