Mummy had been feeding this female cat (we called her as old cat) for around half a yr or more… So whenever is breakfast, lunch, dinner time, she will appear outside my house. She is cute isn’t she…

when old cat is waiting for her chicken wing.( ya she only eat chicken wings and not fish… dun ask me why!!!)

A strange cat that only love chicken wings but not fish. Always fight with other cats…. end up she always get herself injure……

Next semester, I will be going back to NTU . As I still have 1 AU of gE not clear yet . Which mean i need to pay $3000 for tat stupid 1AU GE. Well i know i am careless and stupid. haiz….

Will choosing a GE that is at night, so that i am able to work in the day FULL TIME den rush to ntu for my GE. (But i dun think i will attend any lecture for GE) I really need a job badly. Hopefully NCS wants me after my attachment. But i will not work if there only willing to pay me $800(my attachment allowance). Help~

Had been working in NCS work a week. Ya working life is not fun at all. I heard next week i will be start my real working… Feel excited and STRESS. As i dun hav any experience, i so scare i will spoilt their server or computer. lol.

I still zibi at work.how huh? lol



Please take a look….. Those ntu ppl should know why i depress

AU Requirements

Subject Type AU Required Total AU Earned Todate AU Currently Registered Balance AU
Core Subjects 106 89 13 4
Major Prescribed Electives 24 12 12 0
Unrestricted Electives 21 16 4 1
Total 151 117 29 5

Unrestricted – formerly known as General Electives GER-PE – General Education Requirement Prescribed Electives 2nd Spec-PE – Second Specialisation Prescribed Electives
BM – Business & Management AHSS – Art, Humanities and Social Sciences STS – Science, Technology & Society


天蝎座 压力来源:水瓶座

天蝎座认为他没有摸不透的人,除了水瓶座,天蝎座使尽了任何手段还是摸不透水瓶座,水瓶座的冷漠让天蝎座更 想追根究底。

评论:天蝎和水瓶都很古怪,互相吸引就不足为奇。但是最可能的情况就是沾上了就分不开,如走迷宫一样走得既 不顺心也不无聊。于是就很尴尬地在一起了……


  嫁不出去的原因那就是愈来愈享受一个人的世界不想被打扰了,其实天蝎座在经过几段感情之后她会知道其实 一个人满舒服的,有另外一个人我又要为他打扮、又要为他保持身材、又要为他而控制自己的脾气、做什么事又要 过问。很多天蝎座不耐烦这种事情所以她觉得一个人其实满好的,爱怎么做就怎么做不用在意对方的眼光,天蝎座 比较喜欢做自己所以她开始觉得一个人是自在的而不想结婚。

天蝎座有着隐秘的内心世界,让人情不自禁的想要探寻。越是神秘的气质越容易让人欲罢不能,天蝎座不热衷于绯 闻,绯闻却源源不断地缠上他们。有时候甚至可以听到与事实相差千百倍的谣言,实在让人忍俊不禁。如音乐才子 朴树,绝对的优质美女林青霞都是天蝎座的代表,也许是他们神秘的美好让人想要发掘更多。


1st day of work in Ncs!

1st day of work in Ncs! Took train to work which took me ard 60 minutes. haiz…. therefore
Tampines to Boon lay == Tampines to Yio Chu Kang 😦

IS soooooo far away from my house. SIANZ~

Saw a few ntu student there for IO too… And get to know them there. But all went to different teams. :p

Reach there ard 0840, briefing, taking picture for out pass and do some admin work. Get to my REAL work place at 11 plus. Basically, i have nothing to do other than reading some info abt our system.

The ppl in my team seem to be nice ppl. hehe hopefully they are…

Still thinking wat to wear tmr!!

oh ya i cant wear cover shoes, it is killing me the whole day le~ argss….. so painful. help….