♡ Miss Seet ♡

Hello, I am Huishi
I am 100% Chinese and Singaporean
Co-Founder of GingerBelle.com.sg
IT Engineer at Fujitsu Singapore ~
Graduate from ITE Tampines/Temasek Polytechnic and NTU
I am blessed with caring parent and a bunch of great girlfriends 
I met during my Sec Sch and Poly days!!!
2 decades of friendships!
Added 3 new members in our group!
Ariel , Belle and CaraBelle
One of the main reason to maintain our friendship as all of us have the same interest
Taking Photos!
And they are very photogenic =)
Also, I have met a few wonderful girlfriends during my poly days, glad that i have them and i know they will be always there for me when i need them…

The most important in my life especially my mummy, 
She is not only my mother, she is also my best friend, who i can trust the most, who love me the most. i am blessed to have a caring mummy =)
We have known each other in Year 2007 during my NTU attachment in NCS. He was my colleague and only got together in Year 2009 Sept. He proposed to me in Hong Kong and we got married in 2012 Nov. I always fear of marriage, but i know he is someone who i can depend on and yet give me all the freedom that i want.
He is definitely a great hubby and i believed i have made the right choice.
Mail me at seethuishi@ymail.com

7 thoughts on “♡ Miss Seet ♡

  1. Hi Chow,

    Working as sales ass when i was 18. Life is sucks. I told myself i wont allow myself to be sale ass for my whole life. Therefore, i promise myself to work hard if i have a chance to study again =)
    And my goal was to study local Uni….and i did it =)

    Hi Js,

    Thank you. Yes NTU CE is damn tough….Life as system engineer is ….. okay loh =)

  2. No matter how much a person works, without a degree is always many ranks lower than a degree holder. There is no future in the career because no matter how much effort is put into, a non-graduate still can’t go further.

    This is the present situation my organisation works. I’m sure the world outside goes this way.

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